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02/07/2013 - 10:11am This is absolutely  beyond

This is absolutely  beyond sad. This site clearly has zero credibility, as OSU is the consensus number 2 class in the nation and ranked ahead of Michigan and Notre Dame on every recruiting website there is.  Funny how a Michigan site would be the only one to make up some rankings and put themselves ahead of OSU just so it's a little easier to sleep at night and avoid the inevitable.  Don't get me wrong, Michigan has a GREAT class, but nobody can honestly believe it should be ranked higher even on this site.  Now in a few years when we see how the classes pan out, it's very possible that Michigans class can be looked upon as better, but come on people, this is just sad. Even eleven warriors is objective enough that  for most of the recruiting year they had OSU rightfully behind Michigan and Notre Dame in the rankings but after the Mike Mitchell and Trey Johnson commitments they left Michigan and Notre Dame behind.  Now with Von Bell and James Clark it's clear which class is the best.  It'll be interesting to see where these classes rank moving forward as these players get to their respective school, yet something tells me you all won't like the results...