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07/10/2011 - 12:48am It was just a simple

It was just a simple question, but thanks for the hostility.  It is basically worthless to post anything on here anymore when you have some individuals on full-out attack mode.

07/10/2011 - 12:36am Blue in South Bend:  I think

Blue in South Bend:  I think you need to go back and reread my post.  I said "some", not all.  There are many on here that are legite, but when you responded to my post without me mentioning names trying to defend yourself tells me that you are admitting to it.    As I stated, thank you for that.  It was a simple question that some, as you would call them "know it alls" viciously responded to.  What is the point of that?  What is the point of you posting that since I have been on here I have been trying to convince some that others are doing wrong?  Where is your valid premise for that argument?  If this blog is full of know it alls and people with major egos (as you and waggles have stated), then wouldn't it be proper to respond to others in a civil way who are not "know it alls"?  This will be my last post on this issue.  It is pointless to talk about something like this to someone who admits to being a "know it all".

07/10/2011 - 12:09am Wow, wow, wow; where did I

Wow, wow, wow; where did I try to convince ANYONE that they were doing things wrong on here?  Are you just pulling things out of your ass now?  Post any comment and prove to me where I tried to convince others that people are doing wrong on here.  Again, sorry I haven't been on this blog posting for several years, but Blue in South Bend, you are proving my point exact.  Thank you.

07/10/2011 - 12:00am I will stop the argument

I will stop the argument there and respect your statement.  I do not believe in your belief, but will respect it.  I will be serious, though, it sounds like crazy talk.

07/09/2011 - 11:51pm Man, I hope you are kidding. 

Man, I hope you are kidding.  Please, please tell me you are kidding?  It's ok to be on the greatest blog supporting the best program of all time, but, come on with that "we should have ego" talk. 

07/09/2011 - 11:42pm Man you are dead on.

Man you are dead on.

07/09/2011 - 11:34pm What you are missing is my

What you are missing is my meaning to the question.  People have answered that they are or maybe back for the Kalis visit, but I have not read any post answering as to when their vacation ended or ends?  So, let's say that Kalis was not visiting this weekend, would the Michigan coaches have been back from their vacations?  When did the vacation start, and when was it scheduled to end?  That was the basis of my question, but to get attacked on for a simple question just proves some people's egoes on here. 

I am fairly new to this blog, but I have quickly realized just how egotistic some people are on here.  It's like if you don't know everything about Michigan football and the coaches, then you are not to shun out any posts on here or you will be massively attacked.  Sorry I do not spend 24 hours of the day getting up-to-date on the latest on Michigan issues, so that is why I come on here and ask certain questions, but  just to get attacked on. 

07/09/2011 - 11:05pm The third one does not answer

The third one does not answer my question as it is a question as well.  The second and first posts do not answer my questions either.  Each refers to the coaches being back for Kalis' visit, but where does it answer my question of whether or not their vacations ended this weekend or not?  They could have just come back for the visit and that's all. 

07/09/2011 - 10:46pm "Go read the entire thread

"Go read the entire thread before ever post again"?  So, what type of anger management issues do you have?  Or, is it because it's Saturday and you got a head start on your drunken period of the week?  WHERE in the thread does it answer my question?  I said "I thought", not that it was actually the case, so, please, before you post your worthless comment make sure you understand what it is you are typing. 

07/09/2011 - 9:50pm I thought the coaches were on

I thought the coaches were on vacation for a week and that their vacation began last weekend?  If this is true, then wouldn't that mean that they are back by now, or close to it?

07/09/2011 - 6:31pm Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information OMG Shirtless.  Scout made it seem like (when they referenced to a "surprise" team) that it was not Michigan, or any of the other teams that had been on his top 5 for a while.

07/09/2011 - 6:20pm Scout's Michigan front page

Scout's Michigan front page has an article on Washington possibly having a new #1.  It talks about a "surprise" team maybe being his #1.  Out of his recent top 5,  the only team I can think of at this point is MSU.  IF this is true, it would be an excellent grab for MSU.  I would not mind grabbing Shittu and having a 3 man DT class consisting of O'Brien, Pipkins and Shittu (even though the coaches have stated they are only taking one more DT).  It is a longshot, and I know they play different DL positions, but if Washington does not commit to Michigan, would this persuade Shittu to take a stronger look at us?  I think there was talk about moving Godin to the tackle position, but if Washington does not come here, could they keep Godin at end if Shittu commits?  I am not to technical on going deeper into each DL position, so I apologize for not referring to each DT position, and each DE position (WDE and SDE).

07/08/2011 - 10:56pm Sorry, I made a mistake on my

Sorry, I made a mistake on my last post.  It is O'Brien and not O'Neil.  My apologizes.

07/08/2011 - 10:54pm It does not seem like this

It does not seem like this Mega Class is over yet (hopefully).  How many of those talented players would be back-ups if Michigan gets some more elite players?  Can you imagine Godin as a back-up if Michigan gets Pipkins and O'Neil?  How about Ojemudia backing up Washington or Wormley, or one of them backing up Ojemudia?   Beyer would also be a back-up to one of those two guys unless he out-plays them.  What about Kalis, Bryant, Braden and Stacey battling it out for two starting positions while the other two are back-ups?  Countess would be a big contender at CB as well.  This is all off course if they get commits from the players I mentioned that they currently do not have committed to them. 

Would Rawls really redshirt this year to be placed as a "Sr." by the time the 2012 class is at senior status?  Dam, it's good to have the traditional style of play and recruiting back to this program. 

07/08/2011 - 9:15pm She lived a long life and

She lived a long life and that is what we all want before passing.  As M-Dog said it, peace to her and former President Mr. Ford.

07/08/2011 - 8:51pm If the university declared

If the university declared this 6th man ineligible, then why are they asking the NCAA to reinstate him? 

07/08/2011 - 8:47pm I saw that on 247sports. 

I saw that on 247sports.  Could Wilson's committment to Michigan have influenced Smith to decommit from Tennessee and heavily look at MSU?  Maybe Smith wants to still have some kind of connection with his teammate, and since Michigan has not offered him a scholarship then why not go to an arch-rival and play your buddy every year?  I thought that may have been the path O'neil was heading to before his latest comments of focusing on two schools which does not consist of MSU.

07/08/2011 - 1:35pm Not only that, but they are

Not only that, but they are still paying his salary, atleast up to this month.   I had a tremendous amout of respect for the OSU program, and even after all these violations that had been coming out I still held a little respect for them, but I am down to nearly no respect left for this program.  They are just a disgusting cheating bunch of idiots that are working on these scandal issues.

This is off-topic, but was there a report that came out recently saying that Adolphus Washington was leaning towards MSU?  I just went to the Michigan scout page and read a small portion of it.  Couldn't read all of it because I am not a subscriber to scout.  Can anyone shed a little bit of light on this?

07/08/2011 - 12:22am You live in a state I would

You live in a state I would love to live in.  I just finished up college, so I hope to get into my profession in your state, or states that surround your state (Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, or South Dakota).

07/07/2011 - 9:35pm I am not saying that I want

I am not saying that I want him to run faster, because it is what it is and you can't teach anyone to run faster.  What I am saying is that he may have a lot of problems playing the position against faster WRs. 

07/07/2011 - 9:24pm I apologize, the 4.7 was in 

I apologize, the 4.7 was in  Stanford's time and I got the two times mixed up.  Nonetheless, a 4.61 for a CB is not that impressive.  I am not saying that this is Standifer's normal time (4.61), because he could have just had an off day in acceleration and rhythm of the run.  The criticism on Hollowell was his height and 40 time (between 4.55-4.7), so why wouldn't there be criticism on Standifer's?  I am excited that he committed to Michigan, but in my opinion, to be excited on ALL aspects of the player  just because he committed to your school whether it is deserved or not is just not plausible. 

07/07/2011 - 9:11pm Hopefully the couple of

Hopefully the couple of hostages will get through this with no physical harm done to them.  It is sad to try and ponder what goes through the minds of certain people.

07/07/2011 - 7:54pm So, because I expect a CB to

So, because I expect a CB to run faster then a 4.7 I am being unrealistic?  Recievers who are taller then 6" that run 4.5 or better are not realistic?  As I said, I hope this is just a one time record of their run and not what they place as an average.

07/07/2011 - 7:51pm I think it would be a good

I think it would be a good signing in drawing in recruits.  Wheatley is doing pretty well getting the attention of some good recruits for Syracuse.

07/07/2011 - 7:42pm Mistake.  Stanford had a

Mistake.  Stanford had a 4.73, not a 4.77.

07/07/2011 - 7:41pm Dunn had a 4.77?  Stanford

Dunn had a 4.77?  Stanford had a time of 4.77?  Dang

07/07/2011 - 7:34pm I did not find any of the

I did not find any of the Michigan's 40 times or verticals that impressive.  To be satisfied by a 4.61 time is basically settling.  Other top programs will have recievers that run faster, so how are they going to be caught?  I like Standifer and Richardson committing to Michigan, but hopefully this is not their average times and just a one run record.

07/07/2011 - 5:25pm I wasn't comparing them

I wasn't comparing them recruiting talented players to Michigan, I was comparing them to other programs at their level.  This is the second good DT they have lost to Iowa in the last two recruiting classes.  Darian Cooper was (I believe) pretty high on MSU based on his buddy Darien Harris committing to MSU.  Eventually Cooper put Michigan into the mix as well, but lost out to Iowa.  A runningback from the 2011 recruiting class decommitted from MSU and chose Iowa.  I would never compare MSU's recruiting with Michigan's, because they are not on the same level, but to lose out on talent to other teams at your level historically after the 10-2 season is pretty pathetic, especially when Iowa had a pretty dissappointing season compared to what some thought they would be.  I guess that one game dominating MSU did it for some recruits.

07/07/2011 - 3:36pm This is a very weird

This is a very weird recruiting year for MSU so far.  You would think that the 10-2 2010 season would help them recruit talent to the program, but it has done the exact opposite so far.  It does not seem like Dantonion can reel in those talented players to MSU. 

07/06/2011 - 11:17pm Is it still possible that

Is it still possible that Tennessee will be hit by the NCAA for their violations in football?

07/06/2011 - 9:30pm With a weaker coaching staff

With a weaker coaching staff Michigan beat them two straight years, so I wonder how it would be with a traditional Michigan coaching staff?  I understand MSU, but Wake Forest, Maryland, South Fla. and, especially Pitt?  You have to be joking

07/06/2011 - 4:59pm I know some people say that

I know some people say that if Wilson does not commit to Michigan that Clark will recieve a scholarship for this year, but I was wondering why we wouldn't go after Morgan if Wilson did not commit here?  He was a big target prior to Wilson's interest to Michigan and vice versa, so if it does not work out with Wilson then why not give more attention to Morgan?  I would think this would be the path of recruitment for Morgan from Michigan.  It just would seem to weird to end things with Morgan (according to some) and pick up a greyshirt commit from Clark when Coach Hoke was so high on Morgan.

07/06/2011 - 3:34pm Does Washington have a high

Does Washington have a high (or higher) interest in basketball over football?  I haven't read to much of how interested he is in basketball, but if it were solely dependent on football, then wouldn't the tradition in Michigan, Miami and Alabama be way ahead of Kentucky? 

07/06/2011 - 2:19pm Sounds pretty accurate.  I

Sounds pretty accurate.  I don't see all the recruiting sites saying the samething, so I will agree with what you say.


07/06/2011 - 1:34pm I personally would steer away

I personally would steer away from that argument until we see how Hoke does in atleast his first year.  Dantonio has already proven himself (with the exception of playing against elite teams or teams having great seasons), but his record since coming to MSU is very positive.  I am waiting to see how Hoke does, but I believe it will be positive in his first season.

07/06/2011 - 1:31pm On 247sports, it has Stanford

On 247sports, it has Stanford of having a top 2 consisting of LSU and OSU.  For washington it has a top 5 that does not consist of LSU (but does have OSU in there as the 6th school).  If this is accurate, then does this mean they have decided that attending the same school may not be a possibility for them?  I would not put OSU in Washington's list because it was not mentioned by his father.  I would love to see Stanford at Michigan, but if he does not decide for here and Washington does, and Payton also does, then I would be enthusiastic about it. 

07/06/2011 - 1:19pm Good point!  I forgot about

Good point!  I forgot about the Stanford scenario.  I think MSU has received a commit from a WR and has about 3 more WRs that are very interested in them. 

07/06/2011 - 1:18pm So, basically he replaced OSU

So, basically he replaced OSU with MSU since he put his first top 5 list out a few weeks back?  Would the biggest competition for him come from Alabama, Miami or both?  Maybe Pittman is trying to persuade him to look at MSU strongly.

07/06/2011 - 1:14pm I would believe that Murphy

I would believe that Murphy is a longer shot then Banner, but if Magnuson pulled off this miralce and got both to commit to Michigan before Kalis and Diamond committed, how would that affect Kalis' and Diamond's commits?  I would think more then anything that they may look at other schools, but if they still wanted to commit to Michigan would Coach Hoke take them giving that it would put the OL class at 8 players? 

07/05/2011 - 5:28pm He did not look as big as his

He did not look as big as his stat size stated at the beginning of the youtube clip.  It said 6'0 200 lbs, but he looked a little smaller.  He is very fast, though.  I am a little shocked that only Buffalo, Western and Eastern Michigan have offered, but he still has a full season left to play. 

07/04/2011 - 5:09pm I hope so it becomes a

I hope so it becomes a reality on NSD.

07/04/2011 - 2:46pm I would love to have a class

I would love to have a class consisting of Stanford, Payton, Diamond, Kalis, Wormley, Washington, Shittu, Pipkins and Wilson along with the guys that have already verbally committed.  Is that more of a day-dream list, or something that is realistic?

07/04/2011 - 2:42pm My bad.  I was actually

My bad.  I was actually playing with my girlfriend's shittzu just before typing. 

07/04/2011 - 1:51pm I know it seems like it is

I know it seems like it is nothing, but Payton's "Fab Five" example says a lot to me.  Apparently it seems like he has some interest in the Fab Five, and hopefully he will see them as an influence to help persuade him to come to Michigan (off course without bending some rules that were bent for Weber).  I still feel pretty confident with Shittzu, but not as much as I did after reading his tweets to RJS.  It would be great to get Payton, Shittzu, Banner, Garnett along with the current commit Magnuson all from the west.  Could that be the Fab Five he is referring to?

07/03/2011 - 7:47pm I am part of the young

I am part of the young generation, so I don't want you to think I am criticizing the generation because it is not my own.  I was talking about the major violations that have been coming out (Oregon, OSU, Auburn, etc) that have a direct relation with athletes, and money and fancy items.  I should have made that clear and it was bad on my part.  One point I want to make is that the coahces are so desperate to win that the laws of the NCAA are basically thrown out the window to get to that elite status.   It starts out by getting the best recruits, and in many cases these coaches work unethically against what the NCAA says can and cannot be done just to satisfy the players to commit and play for their schools. 

07/03/2011 - 5:52pm cold:  What are you talking

cold:  What are you talking about?  You reference to the thinking side (possibly referring to McClendon and Leyland), then change it to playing which both of them do not do as they are manager and hitting coach.  When you are touted as this great manager, then the same types of mistakes should not be happening for 4 years.  McClendon is not a good hitting coach, and that is evident on manufactoring runs that the Tigers have a hard time doing, and the great playing of some former players on their new teams.  Can you give credit for what he has done with Boesch?  Maybe, but 1 good example does not solidify his reputation as being good compared to the many bad ones. 

07/03/2011 - 2:56pm I do not think Sizemore would

I do not think Sizemore would have ever developed to what he is doing in Oakland if he stayed with the Tigers.  I just do not believe the Tigers have the coaches in place to develop many of the talent they have.  Granderson is a starter in the all star game, Matt Joyce and Sizemore are all playing very well offensively with their current teams, but struggled their last year (or, their entire careers) with the Tigers.  Lloyd McClendon is a horrible hitting coach in my opinion.  The major offensive problems (manufactoring runs) have been occurring for the past 4 years and neither he or Leyland have fixed it no matter what the lineup looks like. 

The major problem for the pitching staff is the amount of innings they give up base-runners in.  This has been a big problem for the past few years and Leyland (being this great manager according to many people) has not been able to fix it or put the proper man in position to fix it.  Games like yesterday's are big reasons why so many people still have doubts about the Tigers.  Playing against a Giants team that has a worse offensive production then they did last year (even if they won the WS) and putting your second best pitcher in game 2 of the series that sees the Giants not pitching their two best pitchers in should go well for the Tigers, but the end result was a 15-3 spanking. 

07/03/2011 - 2:28pm As sad as it is to say, I

As sad as it is to say, I think this is going to eventually be a normal theme for NCAA sports.  The current young generation does not have the desire and will to play the game out of love, they do so for the fame, glamour and money, and the universities are adapting to the style of the kids.  I am not saying all the high school athletes are this way, but many in the major sports like football and basketball are because they see the ridiculous salaries the professionals are getting whether they deserve it or not. 

07/03/2011 - 12:18pm I think a scholarship maybe

I think a scholarship maybe given to him if Michigan knows for sure they are out of contention with Stanford and Payton, and if Burbridge does not get his grades up, or decides for MSU. 

07/03/2011 - 12:16pm I have heard he is also

I have heard he is also pretty high on MSU, but Nebraska as well.  I cannot confirm this to still be true because it was just a small piece on an online article I read a couple months ago, but maybe things have changed from then until now?