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10/02/2010 - 10:16pm We had four scoring drives under 1 minute....

And all of those were between 69 and 73 yards. Insane.  

06/23/2009 - 12:00am Hey! What about the Walk Ons?

Let's not underestimate the power of a good walk on punter...I've been giving it a shot 4 straight semesters, but still no luck.

11/22/2008 - 11:26pm Couldn't agree more

I'm glad to know that someone on this campus feels the same way I do. It's depressing to see how quickly some of the student body gave up on this team, writing them off after 2 games. We all knew this was a rebuilding year, but nobody seems to be patient enough to get through this. I worried the Wisconsin game would be the highlight of the season, which in my mind would have signified a loss to OSU. All week I got my hopes up, and not a single person I talked to felt the same way I did. We should all be proud to be Wolverines, I'm glad you are

10/26/2008 - 4:28pm finally

Couldn't agree more. Sure, you can say that Threet or Brown didn't perform as well as they should have, or as well as theyre capable of, but until YOU can get onto the field and do it, people need to keep their mouths shut. And a note to students: if you really want to show your school spirit, don't sell your ticket to a state fan for $80. Have a little less money in your pockets and pack the big house with maize and blue. You'll be glad you did it nomatter what the outcome

08/06/2008 - 2:23pm student section last year i was about 40 rows up in section 30 and for all but 1 game stood front row back right corner of the endzone. most of the ushers dont care if you get there early, but i agree that it should be GA. i went to the PSU game 2 years back, and the atmosphere in the first few rows of beaver stadium is crazy, people lining up 8 hours before gametime to get in. i dont see why michigan doesnt do this, it rewards the diehard fans and maybe, just maybe, will actually get students to come in early for games
07/16/2008 - 4:00pm barwis up close I had the pleasure of working out with Barwis for 2 hours when Rodriguez held open tryouts in February. Most of us were in decent shape, but obviously nowhere near playing condition. A few of the players were on the sidelines laughing at us, saying how their 6am workout was 100 times worse. The constant screaming, the intensity, its definitely not a show, hes for real.