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11/24/2012 - 9:49pm blame hoke..

hes the one that makes the final decision on what plays are called..borges is just hoke's b___h!! Come on ..WAKE UP!!!

11/24/2012 - 6:09pm we have the wrong coach..

this should just prove to you michigan pundits that brady hoke was the wrong coach for michigan. Jim harbaugh should of been hired. Hoke will NEVER win a bt champ. as well as a nat'l champ. Urban Meyer will beat mich. for the next ungodly yrs (like tress did) and after 3 yrs. of this crap, you people will be cryin sayin why didnt we hire a GOOD coach and waste 3 yrs with this piece of s__t?

I'm sorry, I'm a mich fan too..but when we had a chance to hire somebody who has class and knows how to WIN the games that count, and we don't, it just proves to me that dave brandon and the regents are just a bunch of cheap b___ds who would rather spend 10 mill on a advertising sign outside of michigan stadium to promote upcoming events that no one cares about, than spend that same money on a coach that WILL win bt champ. nat' champ. and BEAT OHIO!!

When brady has another 8-4 season next yr. and we miss out on another bt  champ. lose to ohio and a nat'l champ. maybe, jut maybe some of you fans will wake up and reaize that a misake was made.  But, hell, after carr won his nat'l champ. in '97, mich gave him another 10 yrs. and he won what? no more nat'l champ. i think one or two bt champ. and went 4-6 against ohio...are we gonna wait that long to see what brady hoke can do? God, I hope not..I'd be in a mental hosp. by then...I rest my case...