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01/29/2018 - 10:49am There are a million posts

There are a million posts throughout the years about good food in AA, but here's my take for downtown:


Nice sit down dinner: Logan. Great upscale American food. Pacific Rim if you're in more of a seafood mood. Grange for more adventurous fare.


Less formal, more fun: Frita Batidos has excellent cuban street fare made by Eve Aranoff, former Top Chef contestant. Get the chorizo frita and share a Best Snack Ever. The batidos, a type of milkshake, are also great and you can add a shot of dark rum for extra flavor.


Post-Dinner: If you're a whiskey person, The Last Word has the best selection and cocktail menu in town. For other liquor, the Ann Arbor Distilling Co. has an incredible tasting room and makes all of their ingredients in-house. Raven's Club has a nice ambience. If you're looking for a micro-brewery, Wolverine Taproom is a quick Uber ride away and has the best beer made in the city. Avoid Arbor Brewing Company, Grizzly Peak, Blue Tractor, or Jolly Pumpkin (unless you love sour beer.) Nothing wrong with them, but they're all just okay.



12/20/2017 - 4:09pm Wow, that much of the class

Wow, that much of the class is filled with ED applicants now? I'm not sure if ED at Michigan was even a thing when I started in '07!


Congratulations to any and all new Michigan students! The best decision of my life was choosing UM, and having been at another school for a while now I am even more sure that it's the best place in the world.

06/11/2017 - 12:20am Indeed -- it's hard to infer

Indeed -- it's hard to infer much from these rankings in terms of choosing an undergraduate institution. Brown is a bit more research-focused, especially in the health sciences, and they seem to be taking that more seriously in their new schools of public health and med school. That was my impression during my PhD interview there, at least. Beautiful campus, too, but their raw research output doesn't compare to somewhere like Michigan.

01/23/2017 - 4:59pm A few important

A few important additions:

  • Seoul Street is fantastic Korean fried chicken and deserves a mention, despite the long waits and grumpy staff.
  • The Beer Garden is season (summer only) and has a decent selection of rotating taps around a fun atmosphere with Mark's Carts connected for food.
  • Across the street, the Beer Grotto is open year-round and has an amazing tap selection, I prefer it to Ashley's.
  • Alley Bar and Old Town are both good townie bars.
  • The Ann Arbor Distilling Company makes the best cocktails in town.
10/09/2016 - 1:11pm Fun fact: While all Big Ten

Fun fact: While all Big Ten bands play the opposing teams fight song so they've got it memorized anyway, at least in the MMB we did our own arrangements of them. Rumor has it, one of our most popular arrangers made sure they were slightly "off" to make it a bit harder for the opposing fans to sing along. 


So they were probably playing a weird arrangement. Also, this is hilarious, but as someone in band during some dark RichRod years, I couldn't imagine sinking THAT low.

05/29/2015 - 9:22am I have a rather unusual name,

I have a rather unusual name, with a reason behind it. My legal first name is just the letter "A," though luckily my parents were kind enough to make "Jay" my middle name-- so I go by A Jay in all circumstances.


The backstory: before I was born, my parents had a girl named Sarah Anne who died at 8 months due to congenital heart failure. Wanting to give me part of her name but not wanting to saddle their male child with "Sarah" or "Anne," I got her middle initial asmy first name. Actually pretty clever.


Outside of being occasionally confusing early on in life on official forms (I consider my first name to be A Jay, the government thinks of me as "A",) I can't say having a slightly odd moniker has been detrimental to my life at all.

02/28/2013 - 11:38am A&M has a wide and

A&M has a wide and Internet-savvy fanbase, as well as the support of teams who hate us and Denard such as MSU, OSU, Illinoi (for some reason,) etc.


Looking at the comments, they've also got people who think they're voting for Manziel.

12/12/2012 - 9:06am Indeed. Boise State is

Indeed. Boise State is essentially a 4 year community college.


In addition, any players who leave early for the NFL draft are going to count as not graduating. While it's commendable to stick it out 4 years and get a degree, I would have had a hard time turning down a few guaranteed million job offer when I was a junior in college.

11/16/2012 - 4:53pm When I was a student at

When I was a student at Michigan, I saw 6 different starting quarterbacks.


Denard gave us back the consistency we had been missing for a few years. And he was pretty exciting to watch, too.


Thanks for sticking it out Denard.

08/17/2012 - 10:44am Good News

News of him being able to move his extremities is good-- spinal injuries can be seriously life threatening. Regardless of football, we can be thankful that this isn't any worse than it is.

06/14/2012 - 10:59am I can't see the Cubs giving

I can't see the Cubs giving up Barney for that lot.

06/13/2012 - 11:08am No.
I love the idea of the



I love the idea of the Legends jerseys, and I think the Legends jersey should be an accomplishment on par with having a number retired, I feel "un-retiring" a number, even with permission from the family, is going back on a bit of tradition that I would like to keep.


That said, I don't have a huge problem with it. It just strikes me as unnecessary.

11/20/2011 - 11:16pm Please. This is far from an

Please. This is far from an isolated incident and the boards dislike for the band is well documented. These threads show up at least once per season. Just take a look at OMG Shirtless' comment below. Everyone needs to come on here and be an expert on the stadium reaction to a show because the two people they were with didn't like it either.


As a former band member, it's at best annoying and at worst demoralizing to see something you put a huge amount of work into derided because it's not to the particular tastes of this board, which like it or not, is one of the most visible faces of Michigan football fandom on the Internet. Especially on a board which is so heavily regulated when it comes to shitting on student athletes.


I'm not saying you can't have a negative opinion about the band. But it seems unnecessary that the board has to have their regularly scheduled "Gosh the band sure is annoying and terrible huh?!" thread. Why is it that deriding student athletes at Michigan or other schools is so verboten here, but calling a bunch of 18-21 year old kids who have no real choice in what they're doing an embarrassment to the University is acceptable?


The cheerleaders, dance team and band all do this because they're Michigan traditions and they want to provide entertainment for the stadium. They don't get scholarships, (in fact, at least for the band, they pay for the privilege of being there in addition to paying the cost of the credits of the class. If you wanted to take a full 18 credits in addition to marching band, it would cost an in-state student around $1,000,) and they sacrifice a lot of time, and they work hard to provide part of Michigan Stadium atmosphere. If they do one show a year that doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe they've earned the right to a free pass now and then.

11/20/2011 - 10:39pm This wasn't my favorite half

This wasn't my favorite half time show ever either, but that doesn't mean I felt a need to come on MGoBlog and start up this hornets nest again. Every time the band tries something new or makes an obvious appeal to the student section everyone here gets up in arms about it, and every time we do boring traditional shows for a few games in a row everyone finds some other excuse to hate on the band.


You can enjoy marching band or not, but if all you do is slander it on the Internet you basically rubber stamp an approval on switching out the band for a piped in version of "The Victors." Hey, maybe we can get a t-shirt gun at half time instead, wielded by our new furry mascot? The band has been doing its thing for a lot longer than you've been alive, much less had an ill-informed opinion on what a halftime show should be like. 


A lot of the students around me liked it. It was a tough show to put together I'm sure. All of you profess a profound disinterest in the band anyway when you aren't busy writing about how they're all pointless dorks, so why do you even care? It's not like we spend time out of our day talking about how you guys are all no-life middle-aged men with nothing better to do but obsess over stalking the Facebook posts of high school football players. 


Look, the MMB isn't "for" the MGoBlog, football obsessed crowd. But for older people, young kids, and (for a few shows per year) the students, the MMB really generate a lot of stadium atmosphere and excitement. If you have some suggestions or concerns over the way the band works, send an email to Dr. Boerma or Dr. Haithcock, don't try and start some Internet circlejerk about how "these kids don't do things how I want!" 

All I'm saying is, it's fine to have your opinion. But you don't have to make 300 people feel like shit because you want to be an asshole about it.

10/04/2011 - 3:33pm I don't really get why

I don't really get why everyone seems to adopt this stance about rap. I don't particularly love classic rock, but I don't make posts like "Oh, we're calling them the STONES now? Since when do THOSE GUYS deserve a nickname?" I can jam to "Beast of Burden" now and then and I respect them as musicians and artists. Why can't people afford rap the same dignity?


Whatever moniker Kanye chooses to go by, he's undeniably one of the best in the hip-hop game now. Kanye does unpredictable and exciting things with his beats and his albums, and Twisted Fantasy was a fantastic work that really delved into Kanye's feelings about himself, his career, and the music industry as he sees it.


Whether you like rap or not, saying things like this is just being a jerk. 

02/08/2011 - 11:46pm Just goes to show how RR

Just goes to show how RR lacked family values-- Mallet would've stayed for the low price of 1 kidney.

12/17/2010 - 2:48pm To be honest, I hope they do.

To be honest, I hope they do. That or build a new library. Trying to find a space to study in the evenings around finals time is a fools errand if you don't have some obscure place in mind. You could easily do a circle around the Fishbowl, UGLi and Dude and not find a computer available.

12/17/2010 - 1:25pm The Common App

The Common Application has been around for a while (see: but at least when I was applying (I started here in Fall 2007,) UM wasn't one of the schools available on it. I guess they are now, so it makes sense that there would be a pretty big spike in admissions-- UM's application was long even in comparison to other top-tier institutions.

12/11/2010 - 11:36pm Yeah, sorry about the

Yeah, sorry about the non-energetic goal count video. The athletic department was pretty picky about what "looked okay" in the video, which meant the normal 'screaming really loud' method wasn't kosher, so by the time we got one that was "calm and clear" enough it felt a little awkward.


Oh well. At least I got to hang out on the screen at the Big House 5 times.

11/20/2010 - 4:31pm Really?

You really booed the band? Really? People who work hard to entertain you, and you're not a fan of the music choice, so you go out and BOO them?


Today was my last game in Michigan stadium as a marching band member. I have been, for the past 4 years, surrounded by bar none, the best fans in the stadium. I played the Victors at the end of The Horror. I stayed, clutching a freezing metal instrument, through not only all of Northwestern 2008, but after for postgame. I stand up the entire game, get loud for my team, and never, EVER boo our players. The people around me do the same. The Michigan Marching Band are the fans you all claim to be, and not because we have to-- we all chose to do this. We put in hours of work, get up at 6 AM on saturday mornings, and spend our entire fall working on making the stadium atmosphere at Michigan Stadium special. It's good to know that after 4 years of playing the Victors for you, of playing those halftime shows you loved, of playing as you sang the Yellow and Blue, of supporting our team when you left, that you booed me in my last appearance on that field.


You're an embarrassment to the fan base, and I sincerely hope you are not an alumni or student at this university, because it would embarrass me to have to call you a Michigan Man.