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09/18/2012 - 11:51pm 189 rushing 2 tds
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189 rushing 2 tds
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09/18/2012 - 9:41pm By "half time adjustments"

By saying "we made some half time adjustments last year", he means, "we left Te'o unblocked and made him the handoff key on the zone read".  Te'o is basically unblockable and a tackling machine.  The best thing t do with a player like that is to just not block them at all.  Neutralize him in a different way.  Last season he was screaming after the RB on the zone read in the second half.  I think this is something they should do again this season.  I coach high school football (we run the spread) and the first thing we do is locate the defenses best front 7 player, then find ways to take that players talents away.  Sometimes its the midline.  Sometimes inverted veer (as its called on this blog).  Sometimes its speed option or even the belly or outside zone. 

Te'o is not very disciplined.  I like the way Rich Rod found another way to mess with Te'o 2 seasons ago.  Fake the flare out of the backfield (Te'o was usually man to man on the RB) then run the QB draw up the middle where Te'o vacated.

Personally, I would like to see less pull schemes and more zone.  Omameh and Barnum sometimes are 4 yards deep on their pulls due to Mealer not really getting much of a push.  This slows down Denard when they run the power, it works sometimes because its Denard fergodssake.