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12/12/2018 - 4:45pm Z is just trolling Izzo and…

Z is just trolling Izzo and MSU.  He's just waiting for those games where he'll go 3/4 and Izzo will whine about guys making 3s that don't normally make them.  Just watch, it will be beautiful.

11/29/2018 - 3:02pm I enjoyed a lot about this…

I enjoyed a lot about this game, but my favorite moment was at some point in the second half when Teske blocked yet another shot, the offensive rebound fell to Maye, who then turned to the basket to shoot, only to see Big Jon Teske right there, and you can see Maye thinking to himself "nuh uh, don't want none of that"

07/10/2018 - 1:52pm  How about YMRMFSPA Ziggy…

 How about YMRMFSPA Ziggy Ansah?

6-5, 275 lb., didn't begin playing football until he was 20 years old, after he had already been on BYU's campus for 2 YEARS...and getting cut from BYU's basketball team TWICE.

06/15/2018 - 4:28pm Also, IMO Jon Vaughn is…

Also, IMO Jon Vaughn is severely underrated in this list.

06/15/2018 - 4:25pm My fandom also started with…

My fandom also started with Jamie Morris in the backfield (and Gerald White and Robert Perryman).  I would agree on that top 5, my order would be:

1. Tyrone Wheatley

2. Tim Biakabauka

3. Mike Hart

4. Jamie Morris

5. Anthony Thomas

I'd go with Chris Perry as #6

I've been to my fair share of Michigan games, but I'll never forget the exhilaration in the Big House when Biakabatuka ripped off that first big run against OSU in 95...and then continued to shred them for 300+.  Watching all the Buckeyes file out of the stadium with their withered roses was bliss.