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08/28/2010 - 6:28pm U of M Restaurant Bar (I am the Owner)

MY name is Mac McGuigan and I opened a new restaurant in St. Petersburg Florida , I am a U of M Grad and  now live in sunny Florida would love to be host to Michigan games at our establishment . Please check out our OUTSTANDING reviews in   the Taste section of the St Pete Times. Twisted Cork Grille 3405 34th St. N. St Petersburg Florida, 727 525-2675, please call me if there is a way i can get on the U of M Friendly Bar List. you can also contact me at [email protected].

                                                             Thank You,

                                                         Mac McGuigan





11/04/2009 - 5:22am Feeling The Pain

I am New to this site snd blogging in general. So let me tell you a bit about myself. I am A Michigan Man and had the privledge of Playing for Bo. Not only am I Michigan Graduate so was my father (law school) as well as Undergraduate so are both my Grandparents as well as being UofM Profs.I will be honest that I was not enthused over RR's hiring however my biggest issue is his seemingly impervious view of Michigan Standards
Traditions and back handed gripes about what was being done before he arrived, to me that smells of Excuses and possible
lack of Character. But (8-13) there is no excuse for that. We are A LONG way off from getting back to our ALL TIME BEST Winning %. We will Need ALOT of Undefeated or 1 loss seasons to get back to it. I am pulling for it but based on what I have seen and heard particularlly with his Attitude to Lloyd. I have known coach Carr for 30+ years he is a man of Intergrity a True
Michigan Man, for Coach Rod to get my respect and others I played with would like to see some reverance toward what has come before him which By The Way is Far Ahead of Anything that Coach Rod has done. Coach you mind moving the bus off Lloyd.