WTKA Roundtable 4/23: Harbaugh Auto-Baseball


We talk Caris LeVert, Real Sports segment, Harbaugh satellite camps, Jaylen Brown's top two, and Craig falsely accuses me of not wearing pants. I wear pants at all times, usually multiple pairs.

Here's the Orange Bowl video I talk about midway through BTW:




April 24th, 2015 at 3:06 PM ^

I like when he says to Luck, "Why don't you come back and do this again next year?"

I think a lot of people expected him to leave after that year.

Luck just laughs and shakes his head, like 'Ok, one more year then I'll go be the number 1 pick.'


April 24th, 2015 at 3:15 PM ^

of Harbaugh headbobbing like the center at the 30sec mark???


This is right up there in the Harbaugh Pantheon with "You gotta put your knuckle right on the a$$hole".


This is our coach. And dear god do I love him.


April 24th, 2015 at 3:56 PM ^

Brady Hoke and Jim Harbaugh are completely different coaches. If Hoke had a clip of his sideline verbalizations and antics, it would probably last about 2 seconds.


April 24th, 2015 at 6:31 PM ^

yeah tough to picture brady hoke confidently calling out 1st and 10 personnel groupings as hes yelling for 2nd and short jumbo (like the sound of rhino btw).   dont wanna pile on hoke (obviously its pretty easy) but those 2 are night and day.  

harbaugh knows the game (and he not only loves it but needs it), hes got a strategic mind, hes confident, fearless and doesnt take shit from anyone - no doubt his teams will be fun to follow.  and hes eventually gonna win (even if he does not value spreading the field w legit athletes and terrorizing Ds with QBs legs as much as i think 99% of college coaches should)


April 24th, 2015 at 5:05 PM ^

Lots of basketball chatter on this podcast, which I love commenting about.  So let me throw out some predictions:


  • I'm not sure they're going to sign another player, so I'll avoid jinxing it by saying anything and working off the roster we have now.
  • I'm assuming Wagner makes it on the roster and won't redshirt.
  • I'm expecting a dog fight between Chatman, Robinson, and Wagner for minutes at the PF spot.  I am higher on Robinson because of his height, shot, and year on the roster...but for now I'll assume it is even.
  • Rahk will move down the bench but will get 10 minutes per game going all-out defensively.
  • Walton and Levert shouldn't be playing 35 minutes per game.  
  • Donnal and Wilson will both play at back-up center, but there are tons of minutes to be had there that they will fight for.

Minute guessing:

  1. Point Guard - Walton (20), Spike (20)
  2. Shooting Guard - Levert (25), Walton (5), Rahk (10)
  3. Small Forward - Irvin (25), Levert (5), Dawkins (10)
  4. Power Forward - Dawkins (5), Irvin (5), Robinson (10), Chatman (10), Wagner (10)
  5. Center - Doyle (20), Wilson (15), Donnal (5)

Clearly we aren't going to play a 12 man rotation like I just showed....though it is fun to think about.  I think Donnal, Chatman, Wagner, and Rahk are the most likely guys to lose PT as the bench shortens.  


April 24th, 2015 at 5:17 PM ^

I just realized how insane that depth chart is and how hard it will be for Beilein to manage both the minutes and the egos.....especially if another recruit signs.  


Here's a new thought I had.  Unlike Hoke, who probably didn't even know what a red-shirt was, Beilein showed us last year that he was going to red-shirt Dakich so that he'd have an extra year of eligibility at the end of his career (until we needed another guard).  


For that reason, I think you'll see Beilein tell Rahk, Wagner, and Chatman that they will get every chance this summer/fall to prove themselves but that he wants them to consider a redshirt year so that they can take charge the following year.  (Wilson, Donnal, and Robinson already redshirted).  They could play 5 minutes at the end of the bench or they could take the year off and come back to take the minutes vacated by Spike, Levert, and maybe Irvin.  


I also think that they're going to play it smart with Spike's injury.  They saw what happened with Levert and Walton last year when they struggled to come back fully healthy.  I think they'll keep an eye on Spike and consider giving him a redshirt if he's not ready to play.  That would suck for next year's team since Spike proved he could be a starting PG in the B10, but it would be better to have another year of him than have him limp around half the season.  They could give Walton 30-35 minutes and Rahk the rest at PG, with Levert playing some point also.  


April 27th, 2015 at 12:58 PM ^

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