MGoRadio 2.9: The Color of Corn

1 hour 28 minutes


MGoRadio was recorded before a live retail audience at The Bo Store, 333 S. Main. If you haven’t checked out Rishi and Ryan’s latest venture, do so. Special guests: Dr. Sap, who has a Twitter finally.


The reason we can put out so much audio content now is it’s paid for. The show is presented by UGP & Moe's and frankly would not be happening without them; Rishi and Ryan and their people have been huge MGoBlog supporters from the start.

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1. Maryland Defenestration After Review

The Speightening: 88% is the very best of downfield success ratings. Ben Braden at left tackle is surviving. Preview of this defense versus Curtis Samuel on the edge says ask again later. McCray has to take some better angles; Stribling still has those edge tackling issues. Taco supreme, Winovich is comin’, Hurst is a Dude.

2. Gimmicky Top Five: Things We Are Excited About for This Basketball Season. Also Crootin.

starts at 25:02

Iowa is corn. BTN stream-only has the game tonight so you probably can’t watch it. Looking forward to the Donlonation of the Defense and BIG PEOPLE!

The Aubrey’s Mom situation went as well as it can possibly go. Cramming 32 guys in this class will see some attrition from current commits. Not laughing at Willie Gay possibility anymore. Laughing at how good this class is likely to be though.

3. Dr. Sap and Hayden Fry’s Psychological Degree

starts at 51:53

Michigan historian Steve Sapardanis joins us for the story of the pink locker room and the 1985 team that had way more to be mad about than that. How to do the decals on the helmet correctly. Attention to details: snapping correctly, and the right blockiness of the Bo ‘M’.

4. Iowa is Everything That Was Offensive About the Carr Years

starts at 1:04:16


this is why that song, Brian.

Iowa fans trolled Bill Connelly for returning their 12-2 team, and they’re right back where they were last year except less lucky. Their offense is so so badly orchestrated that Ace was offended watching it. Challenging DeBord for how many drives can you start with a zone stretch? They run a lot of Akrum Wadley slip screens and high-lows.

They’ve got some really good defensive players—WDEs are going all out for pass rush and getting gashed for it. Their WLB is a big hole. Probably should have labeled both safeties as sore spots.

Also a reader’s question finally outs Brian’s bolded alter ego.


Whatever dude.


  • “Interstate 80 Iowa”—Sean and Jake
  • “The Fool”—Ramesh
  • “Ten Years”—Rev Theory
  • “Across 110th Street”




November 11th, 2016 at 8:17 PM ^

Why aren't you guys in Wolverine Sports Radio app? It's got handful of good talking heads ("The Michigan Man" in particular) and some homers that I often find myself scoffing at their lack of objectivity.


November 12th, 2016 at 11:04 AM ^

That's not a big town, Brian, so wild to hear Sheldon dropped on the radio cast this week. My grandfather who died last year lived in Sheldon for his last 20 years or so. He was a pastor there and then retired there. I'd visited him a few times there. It's a HAUL.