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1. Illinois After Review

starts at 0:30

Ace was stuck in that M14 traffic so Seth jumped on to talk post-Illinois thoughts. This means we talked mostly about Higdon and interior line play, specifically Mason Cole’s just okay transition to center. Ace arrives to talk about ceilings with vs-Illinois Speight, and Michigan’s 3-3-5 defensive package. Say McCray jumps to the NFL—and we’re not saying he will—would Michigan’s entire defense get drafted?

2. Across the Crooked Blue Line with Steve Lorenz

starts at 23:05

Amoeba Class continues with two more commitments. Losses for rivals are good when tracking national guys—need Washington to go. Michigan still in it for Jordan Elliott?  Najee Harris decision won’t be until December but seems trending Michigan-Alabama. This class probably won’t come together until the Army Game.

3. Michigan State Offense

starts at 49:42

Piesman voters take heed: there’s going to be some trick plays here. Quarterback trio should be O’Connor, who’s better than Lewerke and far far better than Terry. State’s offensive line is breaking down. They do have Donnie Corley, who’s going to be trouble down the line. And then there’s those running backs, who’d be a factor if they ever get a block.

4. Michigan State Defense/Special Teams

starts at 1:09:07

The defensive line had some red flags but man are they bad. We tracked one guy against Maryland who had three plays and got blown back like seven yards each time. Linebackers miss Reschke at star (their version of WLB/hybrid space player). Chris Frey is good. Riley Bullough picks up a ton of penalties. Ed Davis is behind Frey and the guy in for Reschke (Dowell). has barely seen the field. The secondary grades out positively except Demetrius Cox, who is good against the run, and the worst player in PFF history against the pass. Hicks and Copeland are eh at corner. MSU has been trying to replace them; Justin Layne was starting at corner vs. Northwestern and looks alright as a freshman. Not getting much from their special teams.


“The Train”—Outkast

“The Turning”—Kettleflower

“Tomorrow We Will Kill You”—Not Waving

“Across 110th Street”