MGoRadio 2.0: A Mushroom Cloud in Halifax


You can’t tell but that text was very important to the production of this show.

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We are back, this time broadcasting live from inside Moe Sport Shops on North University. Well, kinda live. Going live wasn’t so much live-live as banging on equipment until it agreed to do things. Also Brian forgot the names of both of our guests. For Brian’s benefit we will call these guests Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) from 247Sports, and author John U. Bacon, who will have the afterword to Endzone soon.

Inside the Crooked Blue Line, With What’s His Name

Various top overall recruits in the country are discussed.

After Endzone, with “Dave” U. Bacon

Michigan Hockey has a mushroom cloud in Halifax to thank for its existence. No that is not a South Park reference. Rather it’s John U. Bacon sharing a few exclusive bits about his upcoming projects, and Jim Harbaugh’s plans for Michigan.

Ace Pronounces the Warriors

Carl Grapentine is probably going to walk into Warde Manuel’s office and demand he never schedule Hawaii again.

Good Times With DeBord

A second running play is good to have against ASU.




September 2nd, 2016 at 9:03 PM ^

Wife and I are kicked back on the front porch with a few White Russians, the block M flag flowing in the wind, listening on the Bluetooth speaker. It finally feels like fall tonight. God bless you all. We are one big, arrogant, snarky, clever family.

Go Blue

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