MGoPodcast 8.7: The Possible Dream

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[Bryan Fuller]


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Don’t Call Him the Defensive Coordinator, and Centers

starts at 1:00

Sea change for a program that’s been in the 100s in KenPom D. Wright State’s media didn’t understand why he was fired—Donlon’s defenses have straight-up been better than Michigan’s almost consistently, despite 6’6 centers. Speaking of centers who can’t play defense, we’re ready for Mo Wagner to stay on the floor.

Wings and Guards

starts at 16:08

Irvin’s back, Robinson’s shot, Wilson’s athleticism, Ibi’s bulk, MAAR’s slashing and perimeter D, Walton’s foot issues, Simpson’s Darius Morris impersonation.

Regent Larry Deitch

starts at 35:50

Tuition inflation. What to do with the endowment: does it have to be building stuff? What do Regents do? The Day of Dave’s Fireworks. How the University handles sexual assaults. Balancing public school disclosure vs competitive needs, e.g. Health System needs to compete with private institutions.

Talking Big Ten with Jamie Mac

starts at 1:18:38

Illinois-Rutgers and Iowa-Purdue (minus Replogle) were a lot closer than their scores. Maryland has a quarterback named Piggy. Nebraska played a Tommy Armstrong special; Indiana’s a hard third-best team in the B1G East. Brian cackles his way through the Michigan State-Northwestern box score. Did Wisconsin just make Ohio State look beatable?


  • “Montanita”—Ratatat
  • “Germany to Germany”—Ratatat
  • “Pencil Rain”—They Might Be Giants
  • “Across 110th Street”




October 17th, 2016 at 10:14 AM ^

I'm packing my bags for Bolivia, but....


In the podcast, Larry Deitch speaks of 'keeping the university affordable for people of modest means'. 


They're failing. Utterly failing.


If you have very limited means the University (to their credit) has some excellent aid packages. I know a young lady close to graduation who is taking advantage of those. However, if you are around a combined family income of 100K, my co workers who have tried to send their kids there have very little luck. They can get loans, but between tuition, books, and room and board they are shelling out well north of 20K a year. One family in particular has put retirement savings on hold so they can help fund their child, who works. 


Shortly before I went to UM in the early 90's, , a friend got through four years there holding a couple of jobs; bartending, bouncing, and whatever else he could find. He lived poorly in some pretty ratty areas, but he was able to get by and pay tuition. He had minimal loans upong graduation and got a good job with his finance degree. 


Nowadays, that is nearly impossible. 


I'm pro education. I personally don't mind paying more taxes for both our public schools and our public universities. But the reduction in state funding != the massive increase in tuition so far as I can tell. I'm not sure where the increased costs are coming from, but if it keeps up, we will end up where you can go to the U and get a good degree and have massive loans for years, or you can forget it and hope to find another, cheaper university for your undergrad degree and maybe, just maybe, not be in financial dire straights when you graduate.  I'm very concerned about this with my kids. Very concerned. With the combined income of my wife and myself we will probably have 40K saved up for college by the time kid #1 comes of age. By that time, I'm guessing that covers a year. 


Its extremely unlikely that the son and daughter of two Michigan grads will be able to go there, barring them taking out major loans. 


Just my $.02.


October 17th, 2016 at 10:26 AM ^

completely own up to my ignorance there. I don't know what the causes are, I just know its quite unlikely I'll be able to afford it, and the increases (well) beyond the rate of inflation rankle me. 

I don't mean to just pick on UM, either. This is a bigger problem. As far as I can tell MSU is in the same boat. 


October 17th, 2016 at 10:32 AM ^

Oh, I agree. I always thought I would be able to pay for my kids' undergrad, but that ain't happening most likely anymore. And since we no longer live in Michigan, any chance my kids go to UM unless they get some merit scholly is out the window. It's still 18 years until they go to college, but I don't see anything changing anytime soon.

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October 17th, 2016 at 5:21 PM ^

Same here. I'm third generation alumni living in California and there won't be a fourth unless my kids get some pretty massive scholarships.  It's also pretty lame that UofM doesnt give out of state children of alumni the in-state rate like the rest of the big 10 schools do (hearsay, dont care enough to confirm the other schools).


October 17th, 2016 at 11:21 AM ^

The increase in administration is a feature across the entire university sector. Over the past 40 years, faculty employment has increased by 50% while administrative and university staffing employment has increased by 85% and 240% respectively at the same time that state support has dramatically shrunk.

Here's one fairly polemical but compelling take.…

Oregon Wolverine

October 17th, 2016 at 11:22 AM ^

There have been many studies that support exactly this explanation of the exorbitant increases in tuition.

I also wonder how much of the cost could be attributed to the ridiculously nice facilities that students have now. There's tremendous competition in dorms and dorm cafeterias that grossly outstrip what was available in my era. Many of the dorms on campuses nationwide are feeling competition from the private sector, leading to a new "dorm race."

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October 18th, 2016 at 9:00 AM ^

Absolutely part of it is increases in compensation and cost of staff, but some l of that is simply the cost of attracting the best and having that investment turn into gains. UM has about a $10b endowment; MSU, by comparison, has a little over $2b. UM is one of the highest rates public schools in America, and internationally is sometimes viewed as the best public one available. That comes with a cost, and while I do agree there are probably a few too many expenses, part of being elite means you have to push the edge. My big concern is that UM needs to keep its admissions reasonably accessible to in-state students. Us out of towners, even as alumni, have to expect to pay a bit more. But keeping it reasonable for Michigan residents should remain its mission.


October 18th, 2016 at 1:14 PM ^

at least in part. 

I'm a firm believer that this is the University of *MICHIGAN*. The University shouldn't lower its standards, but it should work very hard to at least make in state students tuition accessible. I feel the same way about State. While I understand the regents point about the State not giving as much money, I have to wonder how that relates to tuition inflation when their endowment has grown and they've had an increased number of out of State and out of nation students who bring in big bucks. As to the State funding, I have no problems with the State increasing its funding, as I think that investment works both ways.  But that starts to get into politics and I won't touch that; its just my opinion. 

But, just to restate, this isn't just a Michigan problem. MSU has had similar tuition inflation with a smaller endowment and rankings that, while good, aren't as good. 

So if its not correlated with school ranking, and doesn't seem to be correlated with State funding, it seems likely its something else. 

I'll just point out, my Mom was a prof at UM for a couple decades, so I'm not anti UM or anti college. But the tuition inflation has me worried for a whole raft of reasons I won't get into. When I see it, then go onto any campus (Like UM or MSU) that has luxury dorms and brand new buildings, it always rankles. 

The administration issue does sound like a real one. That might be a point to research. 


Ah well, I could be way off base. Just concerned. 


October 17th, 2016 at 10:15 AM ^

Also, S&P+ did not drop out all preseason predictives this week as planned. Connelly mentioned he kept some preseason stuff in, ~15%, because S&P has been doing so well the last couple of weeks. Probably why MSU is still siting at like 70 instead of the 80s

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October 17th, 2016 at 10:21 AM ^

I need more information about this Macaroni festival. Is this invite-only? Is this some sort of cover event for a secret cabal? Is there a whole world of Macaroni ethusiasts that I heretofore have been left out of? Was there some sort of amazing macaroni there worthy of a festival? Why were there so many MSU fans there? 


October 17th, 2016 at 2:35 PM ^

That was an encouragingly thoughtful portion of the podcast.  It sort of came out of left field, but it was extremely interesting.  

Brian: If you have the oppurtunity to speak with any other regents I'm sure there are a number of mgolawyers who would be happy to provide some questions for you relating to the adminstrative process surrounding these cases.