MGoPodcast 8.22: The 8th Grader Fight of the Century



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We Couldn’t Have One Without the Other

This extra episode was recorded at the Junge Center at the behest of our friends at the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, at their Greater Detroit Club's annual meeting and golf outing, hence all the background chatter. We probably should have mentioned those speeches you hear in the background later are Bo’s top lieutenant Jerry Hanlon, and Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel.

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1. Football Items

Starts at 0:55

Position switches: Ben Mason to fullback is obvious, Drake Harris to cornerback and Brad Hawkins to safety says nice things about the receivers. You too can be Richard Sherman.

Grant Perry: Reinstatement means nothing—trial date is July 17th which is before practices start—and probably means they know what the deal is going to be at this point. Three-game suspension seems in the realm of reasonable.

Sunny Odogwu: Injury means he’s going to be playing catch-up but a great use of an open scholarship and could work out very well.

NCAA rule changes: SEC upset about early signing period in late December and visits in summer because it’s good for northern schools, kids, and honest dealers. Early signing resolves Swenson situations in time. The can’t-hire-a-coach rule is stupid.

Michigan State reeling: Not taking pleasure in this. Investigations finally out, three prominent players out with every other pretty good player you can think of either trying to get out or questionably committed. Outlook: 2016 class is hemorrhaging, 2017 class bottomed out, 2018 class is under a cloud, and Dantonio’s build was all about lack-of-attrition so this program could be coming completely off the tracks. Team chemistry a mess. If you’re Pat Narduzzi, would you leave Pitt for this?

2. Gimmicky Top Five: Stupid Things We Are Proud Of, wsg Bruce Madej

Starts at 34:27

We welcome in “Michigan Man Classic” Bruce Madej, the godfather of SID’ing and currently a special advisor to the athletic department. Ace goes first, which means the MGoBlog guys got exactly one good one in before Bruce blows this away. At least Brian and Ace kept the rest of theirs short so we could get to the next Madej thing. If not for Madej you might be impressed that Beilein’s sons were very happy about “We Had Subs It Was Crazy” because that’s exactly how dad their dad is.

3. Bill Wenzel on AAUM’s Golf Outing

Starts at 1:00:37

Why are we here?

4. Hoops & Ace’s Hockey Podcast

Starts at 1:06:49

D.J. Wilson to NBA is depressing but would have been more depressing to lose Wagner because it’s right before he becomes a murderer. Wilson probably promised he’d go in the 1st round.

Simmons: would you trade him for D.J.? Not sure because solving the PG situation is a huge deal for this team. Charles Mathews is the biggest X factor this program has had in years.

Mel: When the floor is this guy you’re getting a really good floor, but adding Bill Muckalt to the staff and retaining Wiseman means this is closer to a ceiling hire. Might be good immediately, probably not great again for a few years.



  • “The Man Comes Around”—Johnny Cash
  • “Play It Right”—Sylvan Esso
  • “I Went Outside Today”—Open Eagle Mike, Paul White
  • “Across 110th Street”



Big Boutros

June 7th, 2017 at 1:03 PM ^

Narduzzi would leave. Pitt should be a rock-solid athletic department, but it's not. Their AD is trash, they hemmorhage money, their basketball program has become a disaster. In football they have no on-campus stadium, poor facilities, no boosters, no fan interest, an awkward conference membership, and an uphill battle recruiting their own state.

Many of these apply to Michigan State, but not all. I think he would have a much easier time recruiting three-stars from Colerain, Granville, Massillon, Steubenville, etc. than he does in the WPIAL.


June 7th, 2017 at 2:49 PM ^

My favorite positive Quiz Bowl story -- early on in the season we'd seen three or four questions about lumber, and the answer was always "64 board feet", and we had no idea how to calculate board feet.  Towards the end of the season we're trying to come from behind in a match and quickly running out of time.  Our bonus question -- the ones that normally have no time pressure -- starts "How many board feet" and our captain instantly evaluates the situtation and cuts in with "64", figuring that either it's the same question as before and that's the answer, or we have no idea how to calculate it and will not get it right, and either way speed is of the essence.  The look on the everyone else's face as we got the question right without having actually heard any numeric details of the question was priceless.


June 7th, 2017 at 6:30 PM ^

Bruce's stories were so above and beyond Brian & Ace's I felt he should have done a mike drop at the end of the segment. Honestly I think after the first two stories he had to dumb his down a bit.


June 8th, 2017 at 7:53 AM ^

I know America is a richy-rich smug-ass stigginit fuck you culture that loves to waste resources just to flaunt their material excess, but as someone who grew up middle-lower class with Asian influences and some sound tech experience it REALLY grinds my gears that blatant disregard for valuable equipment ever became a thing.  Yes it's one matter to grow unhealthy emotional attachments to things, but professional mics aren't cheap and never belong to the twit dropping the thing.

You drop a mic -- especially one that's not yours -- you're not putting the exclamation point on an epic takedown; you're being a first-world jackass and publicly proving it.