MGoPodcast 8.21: Ace Gets a Shock Collar

1 hour and 22 minutes


HomeSure Lending’s Schembechler conference room. Foreground: fancy vases

We Couldn’t Have One Without the Other

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It was recorded in the Schembechler Room at Homesure Lending’s swanky new Ann Arbor office on State Street, where someone had put “Win the Game” on the whiteboard.

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1. Offense

Starts at 0:55

While Ohio State played two-hand touch and charged fans for a show of fanservice, Harbaugh (with an assist from the weather) packed the Big House by making competitive football the spectacle. QB: Peters is the worst, Speight’s game was concerning. HB: Evans is coaching football. WRs: DPJ & Black look like NFL bodies, Schoenle is real. TE: Wheats can block, Eubanks looks like a TE, Gentry is a gazelle, McKeon has the QBs’ trust. OL: Vastardis is a viable guard. Right tackle is short on guys who can pass pro.

2. Defense

Starts at 33:10

Thanks O’Korn for taking the hit to show off how Hudson can dish them. LB: Devin Bush is gonna rock you—finally our own Denicos Allen. Robo can play. DL: Starters woo, backups woof. CBs: Let’s hope this was a real sign that Washington is good and not a Brandon Watson 2015 thing. St Juste looks like he could use a redshirt. S: Not worried—Metellus ranged out, Glasgow is another Glasgow, Kinnel is flat-out good. Special teams: Is depth at kicker a thing? That kick would be a home run in most ballparks, a double in Comerica. YOU CATCH THE DANG BALL.

3. Gimmicky Top Five Under the Radar Spring Takes

Starts at 53:43

Ace thinks this means “Things that are obvious.” Demo thinks Rashan Gary’s 19-year-old body looks fit. Brian thinks we need a device that delivers electric shocks to podcasters who misbehave. We all think Harbaugh needs a holster for his megaphone, that a Rich Rod package would be cool. Not on the podcast: Seth and David signaling to each other that the five-wide package was about not being able to block Don Brown’s dirty blitzes.

4. Salute to Red Hockey

Starts at 1:10:26

We are fussy because we were babies when Berenson made Michigan hockey awesome. Thank you for all the Comries, and for running the cleanest, most watchable, most likeable, most hateable, most spectacular experience in sports.



  • “In The Air Tonight”—Phil Collins
  • “I Aint Gonna Work Tomorrow”—Don Julin
  • “Tea and Thorazine”—Andrew Bird
  • “Across 110th Street”




April 18th, 2017 at 9:08 AM ^

"Karan Higdon looked great!" "On any other Michigan team I'd be thumping for Higdon to be the starter." "[Higdon] shows you what coaches mean when they say 'running behind your pads.'"

We see your veiled sarcastic criticisms and politcs!

They're good running backs Brain!

Everyone Murders

April 18th, 2017 at 9:30 AM ^

I see that Ace got the George Bailey chair, while Brian got the Mr. Potter chair.  Power move, and duly noted.

All while at the local home lending business.  It's a wonderful life that y'all have carved out there!


April 18th, 2017 at 1:29 PM ^

Don Brown recently talked up Uche as being a guy they've got in some packages (presumably as a pass rusher). He tackled McDoom on an end around after a short gain in the spring game but I don't remember much else from him.

He's in year two of playing LB ever and that's big learning curve from DE FWIW. If they have a package for him I bet he plays a role this year.