MGoPodcast 8.11: You Do You

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We are in a car.


[Eric Upchurch]

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We went to a bumpin’ IHOP. Illinois has road barrels for days for no apparent reason. Iowa has great fans and a great stadium. The O’Neill crew was once again spectacularly incompetent but that’s no excuse for Michigan’s passing game joining them. Speight is hurt. Playcalling not optimal.


starts at 19:58

Iowa’s offense was basically Akrum Wadley, and basically kept in check. The defense dealt with a lot of short fields—if the offense can make one of those long TD passes the DL’s ridiculous pressure metric would have mattered more.

Special Teams and Game Theory

starts at 32:50

Iowa’s punter is a golden god. We propose a new rule for rugby punting to stop this silliness with punters running into blockers. Damn Ferentz [Ed-S: who’s such a bad guy he built a children’s hospital that overlooks the stadium so they can watch Iowa football through their windows] for making correct tactical decisions only when facing Michigan.

Talking Big Ten w/ Interrupted Jamie Mac

starts at 47:27

Congratulations to Mark Dantonio and the 2016 The Situation Trophy-Winning Spartans for their first Big Ten victory. Ohio State defenestrated Maryland too. Penn State-Indiana was interesting but you can’t tell from this podcast because Jamie’s heart is visibly broken. This is a very visual podcast.


“Highway Star”—Deep Purple

“On the Road Again”—Canned Heat

“Road Rage”—Catatonia

“Across 110th Street”




November 14th, 2016 at 11:46 AM ^

Yeah same here. Plus the guys seemed the appropriate amount of upset. More of "ugh, WTF" at the complete off-script of it than rage. Ace had a good point - basically everything that could go wrong for Michigan did, and they still almost won.

I will say I was disappointed they never got around to ref-bitching, they start to at the beginning, cut themselves off, and never get back around to it.

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Moonlight Graham

November 14th, 2016 at 12:18 PM ^

God Heaven's no. I can practically play every disastrous play back in my mind already, don't need that. 

What a Special Teams debacle. I wonder if Jim will bring in a new ST coach next year instead of having Partridge and Jay tag-team it. There were SEVEN special teams plays that cost us yardage that would have helped our sluggish offense put another RG or TD on the ball and prevent Iowa from getting one of theirs. Some were bad calls, but still. 

Bush targeting, Hill fumble, roughing the punter #1, roughing the punter #2, Peppers not fielding punt/getting pinned back, McCray facemask, 10 men on field (almost got to the kick anyway). 

Offense, special teams, refs all horrible. Hostile night game environment. We lose by 1 on walk-off. Ok. 

I Love Lamp

November 14th, 2016 at 9:56 AM ^

OSU came out in that game going through the motions, expecting PSU to bow down. It seems like we did the same thing. Hopefully a lesson or two was learned and they come out Saturday pissed and ready to destroy the Hoosiers.

True Blue Grit

November 14th, 2016 at 11:07 AM ^

they were going through the motions in this game. I was at the game, and could see no fire or intensity from any of the players on the sideline or in the game.  The Khalid Hill fumble and Chesson letting the ball get taken from him were good examples of that.  

That children's hospital looks like it's about 5 feet from the stadium.  Land must have been pretty scarce there on the medical campus.  


November 14th, 2016 at 12:56 PM ^

Something weird happened with Hill; it looked like a teammate hit his elbow or something.  Anyway, the guy's done so many short-yardage carries I'm comfortable dismissing that as an anomaly.  We were snakebit all game and that was just another thing that had to go wrong.  As for Chesson, he was trying to control the ball as he was bringing it down.  Iowa guy made a play.  If he screwed up it was his mental focus on the way up -- catch it cleanly and you're not bobbling it on the way down.

I was more alarmed by the line play.  Both sides showed physical dominance but serious lack of focus; then when they actually started concentrating they got blown up.

I was worried about this since Rutgers.  The takeaway from that game was that if you give 100%, you win by almost 80.  Harbaugh can scream in their ears all they want, hell they can even remind themselves every day to go all-out, but reality is if you give 75% you still usually win, and sure enough they looked bored against Illinois and won running away anyway.  MSU was MSU; they looked sharp against Maryland but I was worried that all these blowouts would eventually catch up to them.  Iowa's tape probably showed yet another opponent they were going to obliterate; it seemed even the coaches didn't expect Iowa to come out swinging.


November 14th, 2016 at 10:05 AM ^

Ferentz went for it on 4th down I was really, really surprised.  That was the spot for a patented Iowa 20 yard field goal right there.  When he went for two after the TD I thought another coach had put on a Ferentz' mind had been invaded by a different coach.


November 14th, 2016 at 1:10 PM ^

Nicest fans, both before and after the game.  I couldn't believe how packed the stadium already was when I showed up 30 minutes before the game.  Every Iowa fan I spoke with was super-nice both before and after the game (honestly, probably more polite than some of the Michigan fans I met).  

I HATED the result, but really enjoyed the experience if it's possible to remove the result from everything else.  I would highly recommend that everyone go to a game at Kinnick at some point - it's college football as it should be.  I will be back one day.

Edit:  BTW, I felt no wind in row 9 behind Michigan's bench.  Actually remarked that I was happy there was no wind because it wasn't too cold.


November 14th, 2016 at 1:36 PM ^

I'm surprised that Hayden's pink locker room did not come up in the discussion. The team played as though their "aggressive behavior had been reduced". I think there might be something to it.


November 15th, 2016 at 8:34 AM ^

one of the best sources for B1G football (I'm down in SEC/ACC country).  Just wanted to comment about the topic of which teams should be the playoff teams given the last weekend. I'm finding that most people right now are thinking about this in terms of most deserving, e.g., Michigan probably had the best loss (yes, quality loss) b/c Michigan loss was on the road (at night) while Clemson and Washington lost at home.  Moreover, Washington really nearly as competitive as Clemson and Michigan's games.  But if one chooses to determine playoff teams in terms of which teams are the (playing the) best (right now), it's very possible that these teams (most likely) will not even play in the conference championiship game: USC (need Colorado to lose!), Louisville and Ohio State.  Yes, I heard the comment on the podcast about how Louisville hasn't beaten anyone, but they did beat FSU.  And FSU is currently the #12 F+ team (granted FSU has been gradually improving over the season, and wasn't great whey they played the Cards).  Other teams ahead of FSU in F+ are Auburn, LSU, Penn St and Wisky... I think there's a good chance that FSU can beat at least 2 of those 4.  So, lots of folks are talking past each other re the 4 playoff teams, assuming the criterion is deserving (resume, etc.) but the CFP committee is supposed to select the 4 best, which again are mostly (in 3 of 4 P5 conferences) teams that aren't even projected to play in their CCG.