MGoPodcast 4.3: Point A Minuteman


COOPER BARTON. Ace was in The Presence. Then he got some chicken. 

FUNCHESS. Like OMG I don't know why Ace is so high on this guy. 

OFFENSIVE LINE: CONCERN? At this point, probably.

DENARD INT. Still an every game thing, it seems. 

DL: WHERE IS IT? Let's recycle this one from last week

SPREAD PUNT PLZ. MSU, ND, and OSU are now using this thing.

TALKIN' BIG TEN WITH JAMIEMAC. Mostly discussion of the MSU-ND game for obvious reasons. (Those being: no one else played anyone last week and no one plays anyone this week. Woo nonconference schedule.) We do get into Cal-OSU, the tire fire in Madison, and repeat this dramatic assertion: PURDUE IS YOUR LEWHATEVER DIVISION FAVORITE. 

SONGS.  "I Bombed Korea," Cake. "Disarm," Smashing Pumpkins. "Gangnam Style," PSY. It happened. I saw it. Was anyone else paying attention? 

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September 18th, 2012 at 11:05 AM ^

I agree completely about your assessment about the Jerald Robinson drops. He turned probably routine catches into spectacular near catches by not running through the ball. Both those plays would have dropped over his shoulders into his hands if he kept running instead of doing a 180 and backpedaling. It's frustrating to see people put those on Denard.


September 18th, 2012 at 11:43 AM ^


All 2-0 victories. None since 1958:

  • Carroll (MT) beat Montana, 9/26/31
  • Fordham beat Alabama, 10/28/33, in New York, NY
  • Ore St beat Wash St, 10/28/33 in Portland, OR
  • Rhodes beat Sewanee, 9/29/34,
  • Colo St beat Denver, 10/13/34,
  • Gonzaga beat Washburn, 11/9/34,
  • South Carolina beat Furman, 11/17/34
  • Penn State beat McDaniel, 10/12/1935
  • Baylor beat Okla City, 10/18/1935
  • Bucknell beat Penn State, 11/23/1935
  • South Carolina beat Wash & Lee, 11/23/1935
  • West Virginia Wesleyan beat Duquesne 10/23/1936
  • Mich St beat Missouri, 10/16/37
  • VMI beat Davidson, 10/7/39, in Bluefield WV
  • Wichita St beat Wyoming, 11/16/40
  • Fordham beat Missouri, Jan 1, 1942, in New Orleans.
  • NC State beat Miami (Fl), 11/7/42;
  • St Mary's beat Detroit Mercy, 12/6/42 at Oakland CA
  • Mich St beat Kentucky, 10/7/44
  • Iowa St beat Drake, 11/6/48
  • William & Mary beat Richmond, 11/25/54
  • Miami (Fl) beat Oregon, 12/6/1958


September 18th, 2012 at 11:45 AM ^

I watched that damn video like 5 times on Sunday and know I want to go watch it again but I'm at work.

Somehow I dont think it'll have the same je ne sais quoi without the sound.

lexus larry

September 18th, 2012 at 1:23 PM ^

Sitting on a flight this morning outta Metro, reading the inflight recyclable filler, and what do they "inform?"

K-pop is a trend watch, and define PSY as "LMFAO's Club Anthems + Elvis Costello's voice and love of ironic suits - Elvis Costello's self-seriousness."  Ending with "Psy, a K-Pop vet whose latest ear worm, "Gangnam Style," ruled the summer."

And at the bottom of said page (the "Just Cause" portion)?  A shout out to CWood for his time/donations to C.S. Mott.

And here I thought Brian's head would asplode.

Instead, he be like dang!