MGoPodcast 4.14: Loom On, Hoosiers

[53 min]


Illinois: defeated. Burke's halfcourt performance is gently prodded with many nods towards his inherent Burke-ness.

Stauskas: more than just a shooter(tm). Obligatory. I call him "Darius Morris who shoots 50% from three." Note that I just rewatched the Illinois game and my assertion that he did not take a jumper was wrong--I was misremembering a LeVert Kobe assist as Stauskas's. Stauskas left a floater short, which Illinosi rebounded. Just for the record. 

Morgan's absence: problem? Doesn't seem like it so far.

Caris LeVert: future? Getting that feel despite his lack of outburst. 

Everything is falling into place. All things are as you would have them be to maximize this team's performance. Enjoy it, as this sort of serendipity is uncommon.

Indiana looms. Looms.

Talking Big Ten with Jamiemac John Gasaway. It was Monday at noon so we figured Jamie would be at that "work" stuff and dialed up the man formerly known as Big Ten Wonk, John Gasaway. We talk about his status as a battered Illinois fan, I get shot down talking about Jordan Hulls's defense, he expresses confidence in Michigan basketball, and Yogi Ferrell is talked up as a guy who has an impact outside of the box score. 

Music. "The Switch and the Spur," the Raconteurs.

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January 29th, 2013 at 3:23 PM ^

Sorry, I have to be blunt with this one. How can you say Jordan Morgan's absence isn't a problem?

The first half showed just how valuable he is. Yes, Horford and McGary looked better in the second half. But the first half McGary looked light-years away from Morgan's effectiveness on the defensive end. Ace has made similar strange comments too, making me wonder about the ability to analyze things that are not in the box score.

Morgan's absence: problem? Doesn't seem like it so far.

Yes, it's a problem. A big one. There's a reason Beilein and Burke call Morgan the team's defensive center piece.


January 29th, 2013 at 4:45 PM ^

I would have been more than happy to dodge work for awhile. I also love how work is in his quotes. That's about right......

Looking forward to listening, especially that part about Jordy!!!

Michigan Arrogance

January 29th, 2013 at 6:23 PM ^

i think it's very interesting that IU has already played PSU twice and we still dominate them in many advanced stats.

we only have to get thru the next 4 following NW at 2-2 and I think we win the B10 by a couple games.