MGoPodcast 4.12: Baffled

[58 min.]



Well, obviously. Yeah, we talk about it. Contractually obligated to you know. We end up talking about it three times in fact.

That again. WOO

That a third time. hardsell'd

Fourth and three. Coinflip, don't like running the thing you just scored a touchdown on right before halftime right after halftime.

The same story on defense. Hang in, can't quite do it, everyone's like "yeah I get that, good job anyway."

A Kovacs appreciation. Godspeed, man who gives up no long touchdowns.

Talking Big Ten with Jamiemac. Not really. I mean, we talk to him, mostly about the game and Nebraska-Iowa and Big Ten expansion and finally basketball, because we didn't want to leave everyone with more of a bad taste in their mouth that is necessary.

STAUSKAS. He is my basketball Norfleet.

DAN DAKICH + DORIS BURKE = AWESOME. I demand that this happens over and over again. GET A ROOM! ON MY TELEVISION!

Music. "Can't Change Me," Lydia Loveless. She is from Columbus, 20, and just put out an album in which she sounds like a 40-year-old alcoholic. Recommended all around. "The Big Three Killed My Baby," The White Stripes. There needs to be a politics version of "no homo." No polo? No polo.  

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November 26th, 2012 at 3:56 PM ^

My biggest disappointment this year, besides, yeah, the obvious, was not hearing The Decemberists' Calamity Song in the Podcast following the Nebraska game.  I had waited all year to hear "...setting the lay of Nebraska alight, til all that remained was the arms of the angels".  Here's to saving it for 2014.


November 26th, 2012 at 4:17 PM ^

Ace lies. Until we were a mile out of Findlay (FLAG CITY U.S.A.!!!!) we all just sat there in stunned silence. Not sleeping. Not even giving Heiko a hard time over his music selection. Just three men in a car drooling and muttering..."unnnggggghhhhh." Findlay to Ann Arbor was floundering for a devil's advocate position against Ace's post.


November 26th, 2012 at 4:31 PM ^

Brian, the 4th down play was a much different play than the Denard TD.   The TD was a fake inverted veer Qb sweep out of the fritz(3rb) formation.   The 4th down call was the terrible shotgun with only 2 backs and the stupid V. Smith presnap motion to the option back.  

We never ran the play that busted Denard for a td again.  I can't believe they did not pass off that play.

If they insist on running that stupid I-form why won't they run it over Lewan?   It makes no sense whatsoever to run it up the middle and not behind Lewan.