MGoPodcast 3.4: And There Was Much Rejoicing

This week on the podcast:

I fixed the iTunes feed.

I eeee like a little girl about fourth and two. Naturally.

Offensive bitching is considerably more restricted. We get a little bit in but focus more on things we liked.

Jake Ryan is polarizing. At least in the short term.

Turnovers are debated. Luck or skill? Actually it was more like lots of luck and some skill or equal parts luck and skill.

Ace kills segments like a rock star. They dead, yo.

Jamiemac appears. We discuss the Big Ten slate, which is mercifully devoid of MAC snackycakes. Just Cover is his blog, which you should go to.

Musical interludes this week include a double shot of Stars's "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead," which is lovingly dedicated to Kyle Turley, and R.E.M.'s "Fall On Me" for no reason other than R.E.M. ceasing to exist.

The usual links:

Next week: more!


greg need

September 26th, 2011 at 3:28 PM ^


I-Tunes stil not working-the podacst shows up in the list (along with all others from this and the last two seasons) but they won't download. When you try to download, it stops and  you get immediately get a ! to the left of the title. This happens to all of them, not just the most recent. Is this an issue just for me or can others download?

New Kid On The Blog

September 26th, 2011 at 3:51 PM ^

I saw much improvment in the defence. I've been waiting for the front 4 to play that way.

As for REM, being one of the older posters on here I remember well my "post adolescent idealistic phase". REM was a big part of my college soundtrack. They will be missed.



September 27th, 2011 at 11:44 AM ^

According to my syslog, this might be the problem:


9/27/11 11:08:30.878 AM iTunes: CFURLCreateWithBytes was passed these invalid URLBytes: '/sites/' (a file system path instead of an URL string). The URL created will not work with most file URL functions. CFURLCreateFromFileSystemRepresentation should be used instead.