MGoPodcast 3.13: Magic Horseshoe Surprise

About 1:05.


WHERE THAT CAME FROM. We have a theory.

Y WE NO RUN STRAIGHT AT HEAD. Also bubble bitchin'.

RVB AND MARTIN. Statue-worthy.


WHY PLAYING LIKE IT'S 1950 WAS COOL.  It was 1950.

NEXT YEAR. Offensive line chatter, Stonum issues, where do the DL come from?

SONGS. "Blue Orchid" by the White Stripes, "Bust a Move"  by Young MC,--I had a reason--"I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" by Wilco,--dedicated to Danny Coale--and "Vincent O'Brien" by M. Ward.

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We are planning a Signing Day podcast, which will be the next one, and we'll probably talk basketball with John Gasaway at some point.



January 13th, 2012 at 4:31 PM ^

I have to admit, I've been jonesing for a new podcast for some time now.  To me, these have become a lot more entertaining this year with Ace joining in.


January 13th, 2012 at 6:43 PM ^

This podcast to me tells me all I need to know about my least favorite part of the Michigan fan base.  Some people would always rather have Rich Rodriguez, sexy offense, and 7-6 records than hard working, cohesive, gritty 11-2 teams that win ugly games.  You either want to win or you want to look good.  I coached women's track at the high school level and the first fight that you have to win is for the girls to stop running "cute".  You have to just want to beat other people more than you want to get people to look at you..  Some people just prefer to look good and finish seventh in an 8 person heat.  Argh.


January 16th, 2012 at 12:30 AM ^

No one said a thing about the sexiness of the offense. We were talking about production. 11-2 doesn't happen without a good deal of luck considering we had a number of games poor offense this year. The point is to win that same number of games but work out the kinks, be more consistent and be prepared to overcome when the luck is bad.



Shop Smart Sho…

January 13th, 2012 at 7:45 PM ^

I would rather have an offense that creates the highest probability of winning.  The offense on display during the Sugar Bowl wasn't it.  I'm over the moon about the win, don't get me wrong.  However, I want to know that the coaching staff realizes problems and adjusts to resolve those problems.  I hated knowing the team I was cheering for was more talented than the opposition, but was being stubbornly used in a sub-optimal manner when Carr was coaching.  We've seen Borges do that a few times this year, and it should be a valid cause for concern.


The bubble screen is a perfect example of that.  At this point, all I can hope is that he refused to use it and ridiculed it for a year only to break it out on Alabama for the first game.

Mitch Cumstein

January 13th, 2012 at 10:32 PM ^

Maybe I'm wrong here, but I tend to think the bubble screen should be called at the LOS, not up in the box.  Now I have no idea what is and isn't practiced or part of the offense, but in an ideal world, Denard would see that a DB is playing 15 yrds off, have some signal at the line, and throw a quick bubble.  I think calling a bubble screen in the huddle is pointless.

Decatur Jack

January 14th, 2012 at 5:28 PM ^

Dear Brian,

Why are you so depressing?

"I'd rather have a spread guy long term. Period."

Brian, you will never be happy until Michigan re-hires Rich Rodriguez, will you? God, we win the freakin' Sugar Bowl and you still want Rich Rodriguez.

"Look at the skill positions on offense. It's Drake Johnson, and Darboh, and Chesson. That's one four-star guy who's not regarded as a top athlete."

Debbie Downer much? Yes, Brian, our recruits clearly suck. Even though they're getting offers from everybody else and still commit to Michigan, they suck. Good thing none of them listens to this podcast and hear you rip on them.

USC's offense is about as West Coast pro-style as you can get, and it's working out pretty well for them. But no, not enough for Brian. Spread only and Hoke's recruits suck. Bring on the decommits!

I'll take Al Borges and Brady Hoke over Rich Rodriguez any day. Period.

Mitch Cumstein

January 14th, 2012 at 6:19 PM ^

I too am a little sick of the spread and Rich Rod pining.    I feel like when RR's offense would get shut down in a game, there were always a plethora of excuses (and I'm talking offense, not defense, which RR as a head coach was also responsible for).  Now when Borges offense has a rough game (in its first year, with completely different players than he wants, mind you) its "the spread is supperior", "Borges is a bad playcaller", "we'll never have the athletes to be successful".  I guess I just can't see what Brian is seeing on some of this stuff.  I feel like we've watched completely different teams the last 4 years.  

Decatur Jack

January 14th, 2012 at 7:36 PM ^

Agree x 1000.

Also, what's with Brian constantly making fun of Hoke? "Brady Hoke poops magic"? I get the reference, but Brian NEVER made fun of Rich Rod the way he makes fun of Hoke. Even though Rich Rod cried like a bitch, never beat Ohio State once, said nothing but excuses ("It's not coaching, the players just don't get MY system yet. But yeah, it's totally not the coaches."), and sang Josh Groban. No, because Brian <3 RR.

How about showing Hoke some respect for actually bringing some credibility back to Michigan and Michigan's defense?

SirJack II

January 15th, 2012 at 2:37 PM ^

Man, I don't understand the love Rodriguez's offenses get either. It seemed to me that the better B1G defenses were all over it. The offense appeared sloppy, mistake-prone, and worst of all predictable agaisnt better opponents. How many futile bubble screens did we see on 3rd and 8 under RR? I knew they were going to do it, and so did the opposing defense. It was like the Carr years all over again.

As pointed out by others, this is year 1 of a new offensive system with players that do not fit what Hoke and Co want. Once we have a monster line, some grinding backs, and tall receivers, we'll see how the offense does.


January 15th, 2012 at 4:10 AM ^

Hey - uh - guys. Listen, I agree with your complaints. It does get annoying when we have to hear about Rich Rod, the spread, athletes, etc. It also doesn't help when you immediately jump to bringing up all the negative aspects of 2008-2010. The fact is, Brian created this forum for us to use for free, which I am sure brings him some revenue from advertising, but that is irrelevant. ESPN plucked TomVH from this place and I'm sure there is an offer on the table for Brian to make this a 'pay-to-play' type website and so far he has refrained, which I think we should all appreciate. But as the creator of this, does that eliminate his opinions and his ability to voice them? Everyone can voice their opinion here - write a diary or a forum post. Obviously, he will have more influence, but that influence is only the fruit of his own labor. Most of the stuff is mere speculation anyway. And I don't sense any disrespect towards Hoke, just some sarcasm and attempts to clever and funny. Dont sweat the little stuff and just have confidence that Hoke will turn even the greatest doubters into believers.