MGoPodcast 2.1: Return Of The Mack

It returns. Why didn't we have them for the first four games? Our super-inside connect with WOLV moved to Chicago and it took some time to coordinate with WTKA, which is generously providing studio space, and get everything up and going. But that's all in the past and we'll have them on the regular from here on out except maybe next week because I have to go to a wedding in Arizona this weekend and most of Sunday is driving or being on a plane. We'll try; no guarantees.

Since this is the first one since the season preview we talk about the entire nonconference season, discussing positives in negatives in a meandering conversation. A special section is dedicated is to One Of These Seasons Is Not Like The Other.

After that we bring on regular guest Jamiemac of Just Cover to talk Indiana—he is a nominal Hoosier when it comes to the football—and the rest of the Big Ten, with far too much time spent on this weekends epic clash between Minnesota and Northwestern. (Note: the lines we talk about were the LSVC opening ones since that's all we had at the time; the line moves since have conformed to expectations by making Wisconsin about a field goal favorite at MSU and pushing the Indiana-M line out to about two touchdowns.

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