Michigan Depth Chart by Class

Michigan Depth Chart by Class

Submitted by Brian on September 15th, 2010 at 8:42 PM

Ed-S: Now with Mouseovers! Hold your mouse over each name to get the latest height, weight, and player he most would resemble if he totally pans out.

A note on those: Like "YMRMFSPA" in this site's recruiting profiles, it doesn't say Kaleb Ringer is Sam Sword or even that we think he's a future Sam Sword, just that if he were to reach the outer bounds of reasonable expectation a senior starting Ringer may resemble Sword. For most the original recruiting YMRMFSPA is listed, though I've updated many of the upperclassmen to reflect renewed expectations.


Position Incoming
(c/o 2017)
(c/o 2016)
(c/o 2015)
(c/o 2014)
(c/o 2013)
QB (4 + 0) W. Speight

S. Morris

R. Bellomy* D. Gardner*  
RB (6 - 1)  

D. Johnson*
D. Green
D. Smith

J. Hayes*
D. Norfleet
T. Rawls F. Toussaint*
FB (2 + 0)  

W. Shallman

J. Kerridge*#
S. Houma
WR (5 - 1)  

J. Dukes
C. York
J. Chesson*
B. Dever*#

A. Darboh  

J. Jackson
J. Reynolds*#

Slot (3 - 2)   D. Jones     J. Gallon*
D. Dileo
TE (5 + 0)  

K. Hill
J. Butt (EE)

D. Funchess
A. Williams

J. Paskorz*  
OT (6 - 2)  

E. Magnuson*
C. Fox
L. Tuley-Tillman (EE)

    M. Schofield*
T. Lewan*
OG (6 + 1)

M. Cole

K. Kalis*
B. Braden*
B. Bars*
K. Bosch (EE)
D. Dawson
D. Samuelson

C. Bryant*

C (2 + 0)   P. Kugler

J. Miller*
G. Glasgow*#

J. Burzynski*#  
DT (4 - 1)  

C. Wormley*
W. Henry*
H. Poggi

     J. Black
NT (4 - 0) B. Mone M. Hurst Jr. O. Pipkins R. Ash*


SDE (3 + 0)  

M. Godin*
T. Strobel*

K. Heitzman*    
WDE (4 + 0)  

T. Charlton (EE)

M. Ojemudia

F. Clark
B. Beyer
SLB (3 - 0) M. Ferns M. McCray   J. Ryan* C. Gordon*
MLB (3 - 1)     J. Bolden
R. Jenkins-Stone

M. Jones*

WLB (5 + 0)  

B. Gedeon
K. Ringer*

A. Poole*
J. Ross
D. Morgan  
CB (10 - 1)  

J. Lewis
C. Stribling
R. Douglas (EE)
R. Dawson

T. Richardson
B. Countess*

D. Hollowell
R. Taylor

C. Avery

FS (5 - 1)  

J. Clark*
D. Hill

J. Wilson

J. Furman*

T. Gordon*
SS (3 - 1)  

A. Gant*
D. Thomas (EE)

    M. Robinson
P/K/LS (4 - 2)  

S. Sypniewski
JJ McGrath# Kenny Allen*#

  M. Wile B. Gibbons*
W. Hagerup
Total (87 -12) 4 40 19 13 15

projected starters in bold, returning starters in italics.
redshirts denoted with *, walkons with #, burned redhirts for freshman with !.

Allotted: 86

Seniors: 15 (This number likely to change as some enter NFL, some 5th years not renewed, and some attrition for depth/PT)

Recruits: 4, leaves 10 more spots open

Latest Update: 3/18/2013 – Added links to recruiting profiles and mouseover text. –Seth