Unofficial Two-Deep

Unofficial Two-Deep

Submitted by Brian on April 29th, 2010 at 2:11 PM


Pos First Second Third
QB W. Speight

J. Peppers (wildcat)
J. O'Korn

S. Morris
A. Malzone
B. Peters


D. Smith

T. Isaac
C. Evans
K. Higdon

K. Davis
D. Johnson
FB H. Poggi K. Hill  
WR 1 A. Darboh K. Crawford D. Harris
WR 2 J. Chesson M. Ways  
Slot G. Perry E. McDoom N. Johnson

J. Butt

I. Bunting
D. Asiasi
T. Wheatley

S. McKeon
Z. Gentry
X/U K. Hill H. Poggi  
LT J. Bushell-Beatty M.Cole G. Newsome
LG B. Braden  B. Bredeson  
C M. Cole P. Kugler  
RG K. Kalis M. Onwenu D. Dawson
RT E. Magnuson J. Bushell-Beatty  
Pos First Second Third
SDE C. Wormley R. Gary L. Marshall
NT R. Glasgow B. Mone M. Hurst Jr.
DT M. Hurst Jr. M. Godin C. Wormley
WDE T. Charlton C. Winovich
R. Gary
R. Johnson
C. Kemp
R. Jones
SLB J. Peppers K. Hudson N. Furbush
MLB M. McCray D. Bush Jr.  
WLB B. Gedeon J. Wangler  
FS D. Thomas J. Metellus  
SS D. Hill T. Kinnel  
CB-Fd J. Lewis L. Hill  
CB-By C. Stribling B. Watson
D. Long
J. Clark
Pos First Second Third
P K. Allen    
K K. Allen Q. Nordin
A. David
KO K. Allen Q. Nordin
A. David
PR J. Peppers    
KR J. Chesson J. Peppers  
LS S. Sypniewski A. Robinson  
H G. Moore S. Morris  
  • # =Walk-on
  • italics = injury

Last Update:
6/14: Just adding freshman and generally moving deck chairs on the HMS Smashy McMurdership
7/1: Changed D. Crawford to K. Crawford (Kekoa)
9/6: A few updates to the skill positions after the first game (surely missed many other possible updates across the roster)
9/13: Removed a couple of departed players, noted a few injuries, generally adjusted to playing time thus far
10/20: More PT adjustments & injury updates: QB, Slot, LT :'(, D-line, SLB, CB :'(, H