Welcome Glorious New Army For Greatification of Michigan!

Submitted by dex on February 5th, 2009 at 10:02 AM


Comrades- This is your only notice. While Comrade Cook lives life high on the hog of capitalism, the WLA has stormed the gates of MGoBlog and will be providing you with the truth you yearn for! But before we commence the purging of the bourgeoisie from the party ranks via Thunderdome-esque battles in the comment section (ARGUE OR DIE!)  there is urgent business to attend to.

Most importantly, the WLA can now be found at a shiny new home. We have many new toys for loyal comrades to express their love of the Revolution!

Less importantly, but still importantly, at signing day, Commissar Rodriguez enlisted new foot-soldiers to bolster the ranks of the revolution. As a public service to the proletariat, the WLA would like to introduce our newest Wolverines to you:

Isaiah Bell - Bell organized a demonstration at a local smelting plant,
resulting in the workers gaining an additional 10 minute break.

Will Campbell - Single-handedly assembled 25 tractors for the glory of the people after a break-down in the assembly line.

Vladimir Emilien - Emilien led the ouster of Romania's King Michael to prompt the reign of Romanian communism.

Tate Forcier - Forcier gave up a lucrative future as a boy band front man after being blacklisted due to this strict Marxist theory and  insistence on splitting all band income equally among crew, performers, and management.

Jeremy Gallon - Gallon's test taking issues are actually a protest against the biased pro-capitalist public school system in America.

Brendan Gibbons - Just kicks things well, and we like his hair. A communist upbringing produces good hair (see:  Baryshnikov, Mikhail).

Cameron Gordon - Gordon is a KGB operative embedded at Inkster High School, intent on securing Devin Gardner's enlistment into the Revolution.

Je'Ron Stokes - his favorite song is "Hakuna Matata," so obviously he'll fit right in with RichRod.

Thomas Gordon - Thomas "Prison Abs" Gordon spent 2 years as a penal officer in the Gulag, "reprogramming" wayward Revolutionaries.

Pearlie Graves - Publicly demonstrated his allegiance to the Revolution as all great Marxists have in the past, by sporting quality facial hair. PURGED. He was convicted of stealing bread from mothers outside the state bakery.

Brandin Hawthorne - Led an uprising at a Unicorn breeding ranch in northwestern Utah. Unicorns are meant to be free.

DeQuinta Jones - Secretly raised the Northern Louisiana People's Alligator Army to defend the interior of the country from French invasion northward along the Mississippi River.  PURGED. Convicted of seditious speech against the regime and sentenced to four years hard labor on a hog farm in the humid belly of the nation.

Mike Jones - Special Agent of the Revolution enlisted to travel from Florida to hunt down a wayward former Edgewater teammate, OL Michael Brewster now of Ohio State.  Think 'Apocalypse Now', but without the water buffalo sacrifice.

Teric Jones - A graduate of Cass Tech, Jones was able to re-engineer and repair 14 dismantled KV-1 Tanks for future use.

Anthony LaLota - A devoted capitalist until 16, LaLota switched his philosophy after visiting a local box factory on a school field trip. Infuriated by the working conditions, he led a bloody coup of the facility and has quickly shot up the rankings of the Politburo Recruiting Service.

Taylor Lewan - The 'Desert Destroyer' is bringing to Ann Arbor his knowledge of how to grow the Revolution in arid climates, as insurance against global warming.

Denard Robinson - When Florida coach Urban Meyer visited for dinner, Mr. Robinson took off his shoe, pounded it on the table and screamed "MICHIGAN WILL DEFEAT YOU!"

Craig Roh - Refers to his eyebrows as the "Fuzzy Curtain".

Michael Schofield - A structural engineer who once utilized his technical abilities to extract his innocent brother from prison.  These skills will be very valuable in erecting various public works, infrastructure, and completing the renovations of Michigan Stadium.

Vincent Smith - Originally from the "muck" of the vast Russian steppe, Smith developed his quickness while hunting corsac foxes by hand to help feed his village during harsh winters.

Fitzgerald Toussaint - After wreaking havoc behind enemy lines in Ohio all his life, his actions this fall garnered him a promotion to General of
Backfield Activities.

Justin Turner - A high-ranking official in his home, Turner was disillusioned with his life and country. On a chance visit to glorious Ann Arbor, he was moved to tears by the site of the Blue Army congregating in front of Burton Tower for their daily pledge of allegiance to the Revolution. He committed his life to Comrade Rodriguez on the spot.

Quinton Washington - His daring midnight defection over the Spurrier Wall and into the freedom of the People's Republic of Ann Arbor has already inspired three folk ballads in rural farming communities.

Adrian Witty - Feeds, grooms, and cleans the hooves of Denard Robinson's Unicorn.

We hope you feel a new found solidarity with our recruited soldiers – ONWARD TO VICTORY, COMRADES!