Zoltan's Madden Rating

Submitted by A Real Toe Tapper on July 16th, 2010 at 11:57 AM

Didn't see this posted anywhere.  Apologies if it's a repeat topic but even if it is, it's a point worth making twice.  Player ratings for Madden '11 are getting released over at ESPN and Zoltan received a measly rating of 69 with an 88 kick power rating.  This is by far the lowest rating ever given to a Space Emperor and is an obvious FAIL.  He does, however, have a strength rating that is about 4 x higher than the Pats' kicker, and is higher than the rating given to Randy Moss. 




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thats the biggest problem. His SWG (which at this point in my life I assume to be swagger) only has a rating of 74. Last time I checked, Zolton's swagger rating was through the roof.

Just look at him


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I need to preface this by saying I love me some Mesko, not being a hater...

But saying that is like saying "Let's remember the two times that the bus driver got our kids home safely, and not the time he got drunk and swerved into a propane tank."

Tha Quiet Storm

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Boston fans already making excuses because they're getting crushed in the poll.  "Ya well we would win if Detroit fans weren't blitzing the poll." 

Get over it, your hockey team hasn't won a cup in 40 years, your baseball team was a laughingstock for nearly a century, and your football team had two good seasons prior to Belichick's arrival.


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I went to fan day last year, and got in the special teams line with like 16 minutes left (which wasn't long enough to go through any line). Anyway as the players started filing out Zoltan stayed to the point of being yelled at by the coaches so he could sign peoples stuff... twas quite awesome of him.

(don't tell Rosenberg)