Zettel to Penn State

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Pretty shitty. 



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When AZ met with Joe Pa they talked for 2 hours.  Not a word about football.  Joe Pa did his little " Here is my personal phone number.  Only use it when you want to play for Penn State".

I am shattered that a young man from my home town committed else where.  AZ also told his HC that the RR rumors didn't play a factor.  He just felt comfortable at PSU.    

On to the next recruit.


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Maybe three of the worst defenses in school history had something to do with this? If Zettel really cared about "coaching limbo," do you honestly think after taking over a year in the recruitment process that he would be unable to wait one more week?


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but that's not what I'm getting at. I said that Tedford is back for sure next year and that is a big difference from what we have here. Nobody knows if RR is back and that changes peoples minds, If he was a heavy Michigan lean and then nothing changed except for uncertainty of the coach, what else could it be? They are still located in AA at last check, they still led even when they weren't winning every week, and the depth chart looks even more inviting now than before. And if you say that it was al Cal making the difference, Tedford must be the ultimate recruiter because that is quite a lot of ground to make up.


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Or, he's looking to see what it looks like Mucshamp will be doing with the program.  If I was a recruit, I'd certainly be intrigued to see what that guy could do with a HC stop and a recruiting platform like Florida.  Ideally a strong bowl performance and some outreach from a bunch of smart players at Michigan who look like they're having a heck of a good time will be enough to make that less appealing though.


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The kid isn't stupid.  He sees all this garbage out there, including on this board.  He knows that a so-so season next year with RR could mean he gets stuck with another coach.  Bama has no such coaching instability.

The guy asked about kids that we lost due to the coaching situation. So yes, this example shows what happens with the coaching situation is in the air and I will use it.  I don't think Dee is gone, but he wouldn't be a question mark if DB came out after the Purdue or Illinois game and said RR is our coach. 

And I don't know why people cannot read full posts before responding to said post.  Guys that "we don't know about"?  Where did I mention that?  I said kids eliminated us weeks ago (ie. October, November and December) and who knows how many of them did that due to the coaching situation.  Since these kids usually don't come out and say, "Yeah I will not go to that school because they're HC is up in the air" you're left to wonder.

B10 or Bust

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Here is David Brandon's list of accomplishments since becoming the AD:

1. Scheduled a night game (Hooray! What an idea!)

2. Played hockey outdoors  (Hooray! Only 10 years after MSU started the trend)

When Michigan fans reject the chance to play at Michigan (Zettel), it makes you wonder how easy it will be for an alum (Harbaugh)  who is already critical of how Michigan athletics operate to reject a job offer.