Zak Irvin Named Indiana Mr. Basketball

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Congrats to Zak Irvin!


The 2013 Mr. Basketball is Hamilton Souteastern's Zak Irvin

— IndyStar Billboard (@StarBillboard) April 3, 2013

IndyStar: Mr. Basketball: Hamilton Southeastern's Zak Irvin has gone from the junior varsity to No. 1

It seems like a long time ago, and in the life of an 18-year-old, it was.

Zak Irvin was scrawny as a freshman at Hamilton Southeastern High School, all legs and arms. The varsity basketball team was full of upperclassmen and an emerging sophomore named Gary Harris. HSE coach Brian Satterfield could have used Irvin, but knowing minutes could be scarce, sent him to play on the junior varsity for a season.

Out of the limelight and watching from the bleachers; it wasn’t how Irvin envisioned his freshman season.

“I’m a competitor,” he says now. “I wanted to be out on the court for the varsity, not JV. But in the long run, it actually helped me out.”

More than three years later, Irvin has blossomed. The 6-7 forward has been named the 2013 IndyStar Indiana Mr. Basketball winner. Irvin, a Michigan recruit, received 101 votes from the state’s coaches and media for the top individual honor. Mishawaka Marian’s Demetrius Jackson was second with 46 votes, followed by Tipton’s Mike Crawford (37), Fort Wayne Northrop’s Bryson Scott (26) and Cathedral’s Collin Hartman (14).

And here's a recent highlight video:



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If THJ and GR3 both stay, with Walton and Irvin coming in (not to mention Donnal), this team is going to be deep and dangerous for a while. This is of course assuming Burke is gone. 


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Even if he doesn't come back, if everyone else returns UM might be #1 preseason.  Louisville also returns basically everyone (not considering early draft entrees), but UM will probably be a preseason top 5 team again next year, as long as there aren't multiple departures.  On a similar note, if Harris and Payne stay at MSU and Thomas stays at OSU, the Big Ten will probably have multiple top 5 teams again next year.  If Zeller and Oladipo somehow stay at IU, they will be right there as well, though that is very unlikely.


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Kentucky currently has 6 out the top 20 prospects with Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, James Young, Dakari Johnson,and Marcus Williams. They still might add the No.1 player in Andrew Wiggins. It's not a foregone conclusion they'll win the national title next year but they'll certainly be preseason top 5.


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Congrats, and well earned.

So much for Sparty's "He was only good because of Gary Harris" meme then.  I believe I read somewhere that (previous to him winning), this would be the first time two different kids from the same team have won Mr. Basketball in Indiana in two consecutive years.


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I feel like he might have the highest ceiling of any recruit Beilein has brought in so far.  He has the athleticism of GRIII but seems to have a better offensive game.  He has the body that the NBA loves with that length of his.  This kid is going to be special.


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Irvin isn't quite the athlete that Robinson is, but his game is further along than Robinsons was at the same point in his senior season.  I said something similar last year regarding Glenn, but UM fans are going to love watching Zak play.  Similar to Robinson, he makes everything seem so effortless and easy.  Regardless of who stays or leaves, I don't see any scenario where Zak is not a starter next year.  For comparisons sake, Zak is a taller, more talented version of Caris Levert in my opinion.  And I don't mean any disrespect towards Caris, Zak is just one of those special talents.


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I graduated from Hamilton Southeastern and still keep in touch with a lot of the teachers, and they all have nothing but positive things to say about Zak! He's very respectful, a great student, and a pleasure to be around. Clearly a great basketball player, but even a better kid. So excited to have him in our Michigan family! 


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I'm not at all surprised to read that.  It seems to me that the coaching staff would just not bother recruiting a guy who didn't recognize that his basketball talent gave him no license to behave badly.  That can only help the team in terms of limiting bad press, improving team chemistry, and even increasing player retention.  All of it adds up to a team and staff that is amazingly fun and easy to cheer for!  (By way of contrast, my soon-to-be-father-in-law has to hold his nose every time he cheers for his Buckeyes football team, now.)  Thanks for posting; it just keeps getting better!


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I was thinkiing as I read that, "I wonder if you just copy and pasted this same message for every Beilein recruit if anyone would even notice, or if it would ever be untrue." To me, Beilein is strinking a really good balance between players with the potential to leave in one or two seasons and players who are more likely to use their eligibility. All of them seem to have a level head (except McGary, but he's the good kind of crazy).

 If he ever leaves Ann Arbor for any reason except a retirement after a long carrer on Michigan's sidelines, I will personally lead the charge into Dave Brandon's office. 


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lol, this is why Crean went off on our assistant coach.... Irvin is a stud....  check out his body control...  he is gonna be probably our best player, after McGary leaves.


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For some context on what it has meant to be Mr. Indiana recently...

06- Greg Oden
07- Eric Gordon
08- Tyler Zeller
09- Jordan Hulls
10- Deshaun Thomas
11- Cody Zeller
12- Gary Harris

With the exception of Hulls (who was a very solid Big10 player), Mr. Indiana's have or will end up being 1st round draft picks. Great to see! Go Blue!!



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If you watch Burke he misses a lot of passes during a game. He has about 2 or 3 plays with Robinson alone where me makes a cut down the middle of the Kane and an oop could be thrown. I think Walton will be a much better passer with better vision.


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1) This isn't exactly the place for that. This has nothing to do with Trey or Walton.

2) He's the Michigan single season assists record holder with the best assist-turnover rate in the country. He passes the ball plenty.

3) No one is going to see every single option available every single play.

Doctor Wolverine

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You do realize Burke is a consensus all-american and front runner for npoy, yes? Let's enjoy Burke's last two games before we start critiquing his court vision, not to mention putting unreasonable expectations on his replacement.