Zack Banner visit reaction?

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Any articles on how his visit went? Haven't heard anything.



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Man I'm aching for some recruiting news... I feel like Banner and Payton are about to commit any second now. I read in some other thread in here that some guy thought they were both silent commits. I dont know if I buy that, but it sure sounds like they both had an awesome time!


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Here is what he said about Michigan (rest of article is premium).

Four-star offensive tackle Zach Banner has been tough to nail down throughout most of his recruitment. The massive 6-foot-9, 330 pound prospect has offers from around the country including USC, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Notre Dame and others.
Banner plans to visit Oklahoma, Notre Dame, USC and Washington.

Last weekend Banner was on hand for a record crowd at a night game in the 'Big House' at Michigan. The atmosphere on television was electric, it was obviously even better in person.

"Me and my mom had an amazing time at Michigan," Banner said. "The game was absolutely crazy, I've never experienced anything like that. The coaches took me and showed me around and really made me feel welcome. They were talking to me about playing both sports and how they would support me trying to play both at Michigan."

Did Michigan make a move for the nation's No. 144 ranked player?

"Oh yeah they definitely moved up my board," he said.

Banner has made it clear regarding his desire to play basketball in college in addition to football. If he does, his scholarship would apply to football at whichever program he chooses.


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to see a lot of the recruits walking in. I talked to Zach for a few seconds and he asked me if I could take a picture of him and his mother. After taking a picture for him, I also asked him if I could take one of him for the fans and he was more than happy to do so. I asked him what he thought of the big house and he said it exceeded his expectations. He was definitely having a good time there...lets hope this visit tops any other he has. I feel like he'll probably take all his visits before deciding, but Michigan has definitely put themselves in great position for him


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FWIW according to some of the commits, he kept talking about "The next 4 years" and also was talking about how excited he would be playing on that future line. Also on scout he rated the visit from 1-10 a 20, so I think we moved up a little.



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I believe that I read somewhere that he also had a chance to meet people affiliated with the basketball team.  I'm not sure if it was coaches or players.   Given that he seems really interested in playing both sports, I'd be interested to hear if had any comments on that.


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I'm doing a 4 part documentary following 3 elite high school athletes through their senior season and recruitment process, one of whom is Jordan Payton. Here's a link to the trailer.

I think you guys will really enjoy it, it will provide insight into the recruiting process, show what it's like for a top prospect, and focus on a player in Jordan Payton, who i can definitively tell you, is very, very high on Michigan. The athletes being interviewed are Jordan Payton, Zena Edowsoman, Xavier Johnson, Jared Sullinger, and Drue Holiday FYI.


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I don't if this has been mentioned but from all accounts I have heard that Banner is also looking to play basketball at what ever school he chooses.  I know that Michigan is offering him this chance and I am wondering if he does commit do any of you see this affecting Mitch McGary's decision to come here?


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Don't think McGary would be scared off by a freshman who would be splitting duties with the football team. Wouldn't matter from a numbers standpoint since Banner would count towards the football team's numbers. And probably irrelevant anyway since McGary is planning on deciding before Banner.


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Banner isn't supposed to be a 5-star kind o basketball recruit anyway like he could be in football. That said, I'd kill for a 6'9", 300 lbs. bench player. If he was a reserve, and you added him to a junior Jordan Morgan and Jon Horford and a maybe hopefully freshman McGary, that is a big man lineup that Belein has probably never had, and that Michigan certainly hasn't had since the Chris Hunter, Graham Brown, Courtney Sims, Brent Petway days. Yes please.


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But Michigan has been a short team for a long time. I'm mostly excited about having big men again. And Hunter, Brown, Sims and Petway was a ridiculously talented big man rotation for any normal college team. Everyone but Brown at least got a sniff of the NBA, and Sims and Hunter actually hung around way longer than you would suspect for woefully underachieving college players. It just goes to show how talented they were and how awful Amaker was at developing talent.


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I think you must have misheard what Sam Webb said. Banner would be able to join the basketball team pretty much right after the football team is done with its season. So that would be early January, which is the early part of the Big Ten season and well before the Big Ten Tournament.


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next to Banner when the bus was dropping off the players. Some one asked him what his teams he is liking are. He replied USC, Alabama, Oklahoma and of course Michigan. When the bus opened, a couple guys with suits walked up to him and Funchess and gave hugs and handshakes. He seemed to be enjoying all the atention. And on a side note, I also ran into Chris Wormley and Morris. Wormley is a beast. He looks like he is really solid. And Shane is really nice kid. He was kind enough to pose for pics and talk to fans. 


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I have no idea where gt4blue above got his early October bit on McGary. I've never heard anything like that. Earlier, McGary had said he wanted to make his decision before his team's basketball season starts, which pointed to an early November decision (and signing an LOI during the early signing period of Nov. 9-16). But, yes, from his ESPN blog post he seems in no rush to make a decision, and perhaps he's going to wait until the spring to decide. Who knows?

He also said this: "I definitely want to get down to Duke to see about the atmosphere I hear so much about. I want to get to all of the schools to see what their fans are like." If he wants to get an idea of the atmosphere of Duke basketball, the earliest he could do so would be at their "midnight madness" event, which usually takes place in mid-October. Obviously, if he wants to attend one of their basketball games and/or games at his other five finalists, he'd have to wait until mid-November or later for that.

Charlie Chunk

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There are not a lot of opportunities out there for a guy to play on (2) up and coming teams.  The big question is whether or not he wants to play away from his friends and family.  The picture should tell you something.  I hope I'm wrong.

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Per TomVH's write-up at WolverineNation, in Zack's own words he was "blown away." Don't want to blockquote too much since it's behind a paywall, but safe to say it went very well.