Zach Smith's Mother Responds to Courtney Smith Allegations

Submitted by Communist Football on August 9th, 2018 at 7:10 PM

Ohio State football journalist Jeff Snook interviewed both Zach Smith's mother and Courtney Smith's mother. According to Snook, Courtney Smith's mother believes that Courtney is lying about the abuse:



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This was posted earlier, but by an OSU fan trying to deny the abuse happened. The thread got deleted, I feel like this one should stay pending shit show-ness of comments.

That being said, the quote in question is:

"...I believe that Zach was removing himself from an argument and I do not believe he intentionally abused her. I do not believe he actually intentionally swung or punched her..."

Not exactly convincing, Did he accidentally abuse her?

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This is a reporter, reporting someone's text message.  How is that any different at all, from what Matt McMurphy has been doing?

I am not personally judging the situation myself.  But that sure seems to be what the MGoFanboys are doing here.  They are judging Zach Smith as guilty of domestic violence (something that has never been proven in court, and for which he is not currently even charged), and judging Urban Meyer guilty of enabling domestic violence.



snarling wolverine

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Nothing like a bit of victim shaming to enliven a Thursday evening.

I'm sure she's not perfect, and apparently she's not on speaking terms with her own mother.  But watch her video and then his, and tell me which version of events seems more plausible.


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This is what the bullshit OSU investigation is - stalling and finding ammunition to fracture/diminish the overwhelming public support for Meyer's removal. And it's working. 

M_Born M_Believer

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1) It's Tina, not Lina.  If you are going to attempt to state a fact make sure you have it correct.

2) The writer repeatedly states that TINA and Courtney are estranged particularly over this topic.  It does not take a genius that TINA's take is pure SPECULATION.  Nothing of any factual substance.  Bottom line, a poorly done smear campaign

3) What kind of Basement Dwelling Living in your Parents House Pooping in Cooler actually comes to a rivals blog site to make a futile attempt to "defend" a wife beater?


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So somebody who was not present at the time of alleged assaults belief on what they THINK happened is pertinent information? 

Seems like the hard evidence aka pictures and screen shots of text messages where he admits to doing it would weigh more than an opinion. 


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I wanted Urban to be fired because this whole thing just exposed what a hypocritical lying POS he is and always has been. He deserves to be fired for doing nothing about a wife beater on staff. Now I really want him fired because OSU fans - already beyond contemptable from my experience - have shown their true colors with this equivocating and victim blaming just to keep a winning program. You people are the worst. Fuck off. 


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Lol. It delights me to no end that you are so irritated by this whole situation. Best of all you haven't celebrated a win over OSU since 2011! Seven years of celibacy is far too long, bud. UM rolling into Columbus this year against Urban's best team during his tenure doesn't look good for you. Have fun being miserable and underwhelmed this season.


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Nah, as a Michigan fan I know what dirt bags Buckeye fans are. You guys escaped having old Sweater Vest being a victim and "isolated incident" Gene Smith and fall ass backward into Urban. Now your showing the rest of the country what kind a shitbags fan base is. I'm enjoying cooking marshmallows over the dumpster fire of your program.      

Beilein 4 Life

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You just keep pushing projecting your own shitty morals onto anyone who thinks Meyer should be fired and we will continue to have a coach who didn’t enable a spouse abuser and then fire him when it was made public. We are happy being better than you and you seem content on being a victim shaming asshole who wants desperately to plead his case to Michigan fans who don’t care about him