Yuri wright may decide Saturday

Submitted by Philbert on January 1st, 2012 at 12:54 PM
I just read a free article from Steve wilfong of 247 ( it's linked through his twitter) that says yuri MAY decide Saturday. If he decides before his visit to Michigan then it's safe to say we're probably not in a good place. If he does decide Saturday, all signs point to the golden domers. Hopefully he holds out though.
- can somebody link it, I don't really want to get negged for passing on info. I'm on my phone and it won't let me copy and paste. It's Steve's latest post on twitter. Thank you and happy new years everyone!



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If this is true, then his whole "Michigan is my dream school" stuff was all nonsense. I mean, who doesn't give their dream school a visit? Then goes right to one of your "dream school's" arch rivals? That's why I very rarely buy listening to a lot of things recruits say.


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I've been thinking all along and posted as much about a week ago, that something didn't smell right about his recruitment, that I have doubts about his interest or possibly ours, and would be surprised if he was in the class.

The Denarding

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Why the coaching staff is looking at other CB prospects.  Standifer is out, Wright is almost certainly going to Notre Dame and I suspect Reeves may stay with Penn State. 

I think Reeves is our best chance in this class to team up with Terry Richardson.  I wish Yuri the best.  He certainly has the physical tools to be a star.


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I'm guessing he wasn't really serious. It was probably because Shumate was getting all the attention because he is announcing Saturday and Yuri wanted some of the attention on himself.


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Reeves might turn out to be an excellent player, but he doesn't fill our need for size at corner like Wright does. Without YW, Blake Countess will be our tallest CB after Floyd leaves and he's only 5'10".

I would hate to get exploited by teams with towering starting wideouts.



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You're assuming that most passes defended will be of the lob / jump-ball variety and that the opposing team's QB will place the ball just right. Otherwise, the tall receivers (unless they're Megatron) will have just as much -- if not more -- trouble getting separation from our small, speedy cornerbacks as the smaller receivers.

If height meant that much, there wouldn't be much difference between average NFL receiver height and average cornerback height.


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He says he MAY decide on Saturday, so all of the sudden he turns from 'future of the UM defensive backfield' to a disingenuous attention whore that's too foolish to see through 'Brian Kelly's charm'? 


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To his defense, it would be great to play for a coach who is a human mood ring.  It would certainly help you to know when he thinks you did something wrong.  Mood rings have their own sort of charm...

marco dane

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May tends to be one of those pivotal words that send people jumping off of the ledge. Having faith in this coaching staff isn't somuch of a concern for me.

Gut feeling...look for YW to trip to Michigan,before pulling the trigger.


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Good luck to him if he goes to the Domers.  They do need help in the defensive secondary.

Hope he enjoys getting torched by Denard next year, and a new coach in the next year to two though.


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I've made my doubys about getting him public. But if we do miss on him, it's nothig new. We have kids every year from far abroad who talk about Michigan but never visit, never show any practical interest. That's just the way things go. The rule of thumb should always remain, don't assume anything about a kid who hasn't been on campus.

Perkis-Size Me

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if he decides to come, great. if not, best of luck to him. we don't need him, as we've got terry richardson and i feel pretty good about our chances with armani reeves, both top db's. i'd love to have yuri, but he won't be make or break for this class.

True Blue Grit

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What's strange about this kid's recruitment is how he's said a number of times how much he's always loved Michigan and that we're one of his favorite schools. Yet he's never visited us.   The fact he has not made it a priority to visit our campus up until now has never been a good sign.  But, we'll see.  All this maybe be a baseless rumor.  If we can get him on campus this month, we still have a shot. 


January 1st, 2012 at 2:07 PM ^

Couple points.

First, did Yuri visit ANYONE earlier?  I think he did not visit during the season, Notre Dame was his first visit.  

As for committing this weekend...I doubt it.  I think he and Witfong are simply throwing stuff out there for attention.  At the very least he will visit us next weekend. Then we will see. 


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"I'm in the same state!" Dorsey said. "Why would you miss out on your best shot in the state? C'mon, Brady Hoke!"  From a Nov. 17 Detroit News article.

Not saying that it'd be a good move for UM to take Dorsey, or that he's even eligible, but he sure does seem determined on playing for the boys in blue.




January 1st, 2012 at 7:12 PM ^

Hoke has more credibility as a father figure in the public eye than RR did.  If Dorsey has the grades, Hoke can go up and say all the right things about how this young man has worked hard to turn his life around all that, Hoke knows how to play the crowd like RR never did.  Hoke at 10-2 with a win over tOSU and a BCS Bowl Berth is not someone the Freep can fuck with like they did RR.  If Hoke wants Dorsey, he'll take him.  

Personally I hope he does, but it's Hoke's roster and he's the man.  


January 1st, 2012 at 7:44 PM ^

I agree.  In the span of 12 short months, Hoke has built Bo-like credibilty.  Not comparing Hoke to Bo, but Bo had complete and utter autonomy with his program, and NO ONE ever questioned that it was Bo's program, not even Canham.  If Bo decided to take a chance on a player, it was understood that Bo knew what he was doing with his team, and that it was in the best interest of the team.  Hoke has been able to gain the same type of trust.


January 1st, 2012 at 4:36 PM ^

Would this have anything to do with him announcing on Saturday? I mean if I was playing in a national all-star game with my homies I would announce, as is the cool thing to do at the Army all american game (Dee Hart). This does not mean Notre Dame. Why would you want to go somewhere where there are two elite corners (Shepard and Darby) but then again why would anyone want to play for the fireplug (kelly). If he does, then good luck chasing Denard. Oh yeah then have fun chasing Devin. And then the year after that its time for Mr Morris and Co so yeah, good luck if you put that gold lid on your head. Me, I'd rather win and move on to the NFL!!! I would tell him to take another look at the Champs Sports Bowl again and then get ready for the Sugar Bowl. Patience is a virtue of the wise Yuri, and patience will allow you the wisdom of going to Michigan. How many defensive players right now in the NFL have played for Notre Dame? I cannot name one off the top of my head that is worth anything

Bo Knows

January 1st, 2012 at 9:36 PM ^

I've heard about Wright's through the roof athleticism and natural tools, but honestly when I expect greatness from a guy at the college level I also want to see it at the high school level.  From all scouting reports Wright is no better than mediocre and his lofty status as a recruit comes from his potential.  I prefer lower ceiling sure thing types than the high ceiling, but boom or bust types.


January 1st, 2012 at 10:04 PM ^

Everyone needs to calm down. We have no idea what he is going to do, and if he goes to Notre Dame, so be it. Big deal. I did read however, that everyone of the Michigan commits down there were going to work on him the whole time. You never know.

Steve T

January 2nd, 2012 at 9:16 AM ^

Per a Rivals article this morning Wright will not announce Saturday and he has an official visit planned for Michigan the weekend of the 13th.