Yuri Wright to Colorado

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Please tell me we were still recruiting him!

Buffstampede.com has all the Yuri Wright news coming your way. Huge get for #Colorado.



I would be forever grateful if he had a committable offer from Michigan and got to watch a live stream of Brian eating a lemon lol. EDIT: Yes, I know we stopped pursuing him and bet is void, a man can dream can't he?

EDIT II: How does one get a scholarship when they have been expelled from school for their senior year? How does he graduate and become elegible?





OSUMC Wolverine

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Obvoiously this would be different from state to state and district to district, but when I was in HS if you were expelled more than 1/2 of the school year in, you could not acquire any school credit for that year.  You retained none from your school of expulsion and had insufficient time to earn credit from any other institution.  Unless he was very close to graduating after his Junior year, he would have a hard time making up a year of credit in summer term.  Even then, he would miss some/all of fall camp.  It would take a significant effort to arrange such a feat, and effort to complete as well.


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I have no idea what impact this has on athletic eligibility, but I had a classmate get expelled from HS with less than week left after being accepted early to Yale. He had to take a year off, but then he was allowed to attend. I think he made it a little over a year at Yale before he was expelled from there as well.


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Isnt this the school he tweeted that he was bored at? I guess the next 4 years are gonna be boring as hell for him. I guess he could try out snowboarding to keep himself entertained


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How do you know this? I find it hard to believe that ND, with its image police, would have signed him, post-tweets. The fans, being fans, would have found a way to rationalize the signing. But the trustees, etc, almost certainly opposed signing a guy who tweets about bitches, ho's, and Jews. They know the last thing ND or Kelly needs is more controversy or bad press. Yuri Wright, to ND, would not be worth the trouble.

Plus: By all accounts, Wright favored ND over Colorado in a major way. But then, post controversy, he suddenly chooses Colorado. Wonder why.

Maybe ND didn't officially rescind its offer. But it's not uncommon for schools to send a message that the recruit might be wise to explore other options. That way, the school allows everyone to save face. And I'm sure ND didn't want to be seen as pulling offers from Catholic-league players.


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 I believe they and we did the same thing with Tommy Schutt. 

 He was turned away by ND. He tried to commit to us the day we got Pipkins' commitment, and our coaches said thanks but no thanks we will honor Pipkins'. Then he went off and committed to PSU. I believe that is how his initial commitment transpired.


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I don't know for certain. 

According to a mentor of YW's that posts on the CU Rivals board and is close with a few of CU's coaches as well as the old Bosco coach (and who pretty accurrately predicted most of the developments in this saga, including his expulsion, which I relayed here http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/yuri-explained?page=2 the day before it became widely known), ND was calling him right up until the end.  He also would strongly dispute the fact that CU was a sudden choice, and that YW majorly favored ND (although he did say he liked them).  I think a lot of the surprise over this commitment (and maybe rightfully so given CU's recent past) has to do with people not thinking Yuri could seriously consider CU, despite the fact that they have a very good DBs coach who is also the DC (and who just put Jimmy Smith in the first round last year), and the fact that Yuri has friends that are either going to or already do play for CU.  CU was the only school he visited twice (once unofficially), and despite his tweet about being bored one night, was always a school he really liked.

But really, I know none of the players in this thing personally, so I'm just repeating what I've read elsewhere.


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That school is gonna have some lock-down corners with Crawley and Wright.

Too bad nobody is gonna pass when they can gain 5 YPC on the ground.

Mr. Yost

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He hated his trip to Colorado.

He tweeted every other hour about how boring it was and how he couldn't wait to get back home.

That same social medium is largely why he is "stuck" there now...


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FWIW, he tweeted one time that he was bored on his last night there, which was in the middle of finals, because people were not going out.  He had already visited CU once before that and had a great time -- and with the exception of the last night, by all accounts had a good second visit too.  He has high school friends also going to CU (one already there), and has had a good connection to the coaches for a long time.  Although it was never a sure thing, Colorado was a very serious consideration long before he got in Twitter trouble.  Not saying for sure he would have picked it anyway, but he is in no way "stuck" there.