Your view on wearing jerseys

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i've had a feeling for a long time that this is a topic that needs its own arena, if you will. It has broken out in other threads about adults wearing jerseys vs. those against it. Time for one discussion.

What is your view on wearing jerseys to sporting events/while watching sporting events (and nothing more) and why?




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I came to a similar decision recently about contemporary players, when I realized that many of the players whose jerseys I would once have liked to wear are younger than I am. In some cases, younger than my younger brothers. 

Only vintage jerseys for me now, thank you. I'm still on the hunt for a Chris Webber Bullets jersey.


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Huh? A jersey is a jersey regardless of whether you call it a sweater or a jersey. As long as you are older than 12, it is appropriate only when going to a game or in some circumstances going to a bar to watch a game.

A "sweater" still looks ridiculous if you are wearing it at the supermarket on a random Saturday.

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March 19th, 2015 at 9:33 AM ^

I have two separate policies:

1) At the actual game of the team you are supporting, I guess it's okay for a grown man though I think it looks silly and I would never do it.

2) When I see grown men wearing a team's/player's apparel as a fashion item during daily life, I can't help but think they look like little boys wearing pajamas.




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In my opinion:

Wearing to game...perfectly fine. And age and sport don't matter. 

Wearing it out in public at places with nothing to do with sports...a little weird. 


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There are more than 2 options there. I might wear my jersey if I'm going to a sports bar to watch it. And I sometimes do when I'm just at home watching it, like if it's a big game. However, I do agree it seems a little weird if I'm wearing a jersey in April while grocery shopping on a Tuesday.


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I think saying it's immature for an adult to wear a jersey is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard about sports fandom where our moods rise and fall on the whims of kids playing games. I didn't even know this was a sentiment people had until a couple years ago.

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March 18th, 2015 at 10:03 PM ^

For the purposes you listed it's fine. I would not want to walk around looking like Turtle.

It does start to look dumber the older you get. Jay Z should not be rocking a Nets Jersey at how old he is. Then again he's Jay Z.

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I don't wear them and haven't for many years, mainly because I no longer believe they look particularly flattering on me at 36 - it seemed to make much more sense when I was an undergrad, but now, I can't see myself wearing one . I own a few for collection purposes - I don't have very many, and the ones I do have are framed and signed and will never be worn anyway. For games, the t-shirts and hoodies and street gear will do just fine for me.

Personal view? I really don't care what people wear at games, but I admit to looking at people my age or older wearing jerseys with a somewhat perplexed look.

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March 19th, 2015 at 7:21 AM ^

Personal opinion as well. In all my obsession, it's one bridge too far for me. I don't wear them for any team I route for. I think it's a bit tacky and makes the wearer look juvenile (not to mention highly unfashionable). I can't take a grown man in a jersey seriously. I just wear my normal clothes, and maybe throw a splash of my team colors in there. Could be a hat, shoes, or undershirt that peeks out. That's my feeling, but to each his own.

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Wear what you like and what makes you feel good. If someone doesn't like that, fuck them. Personally I spend my money elsewhere, but that's just my choice.

For all of the "canon" out there saying grown men don't wear jerseys, GQ is currently pimping 90's NBA throwbacks on their website. There was a time men didn't wear shorts, there was a time a hat was required outdoor apparel and eventually all "rules" come to an end.