Your unpopular Michigan opinions?

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 16th, 2018 at 4:32 PM

This can be any sport. 

-I think we should keep the all-Maize as a permanent alternate in Football and wear them for big non-rivalry games (PSU, UW etc.)

-The endzones being green is stupid. Make it Blue and step into the 21st century. Almost everyone has colored endzones and they look great.

-The renovations have made The Big House feel smaller and boxed in. Not a fan. They look great don't get me wrong, but I miss the stadium I first walked into as a 9 year old kid.

-The holier-than-thou degree waver fans are obnoxious, thinking because they went to the school they're higher than non-grad fans on the totem pole. 



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Losing to one of the best teams in college basketball in the last 20 years or whatever doesn't constitute choking. Nova steamrolled their way through the tournament. I believe Gasaway said on Twitter the last 20 or 25 years, only UNC some years back had a bigger average margin of victory.

BTB grad

May 17th, 2018 at 8:51 AM ^

The Louisville game I can understand if you're upset. We should have won that game. It was ours for the taking.

if you're gonna call the Villanova game choking... I don't know what to tell you man. We shot terribly that whole tournament save for a game and ran into one of the best teams of the last decade. I think lots of us pretty much expected what ended up transpiring in that game



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-John Navarre was good during his junior and senior years.


-Too many fans were A-holes to John Navarre.


-The stickers are too big and given out too much.  Half way through the season it seems like helmets are already filled with half the team.


-We could have called plays better that would have enabled us to run off more time and then not even punt vs MSU in 2015, I thought that at the time.


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Denard was not a good football player and that’s why he is no longer playing. He never won anything significant and should not be celebrated.


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Oddly enough, and others have noted, Denard Robinson and Rich Rod have excellent records with Molk healthy and in the line-up.  Molk and Robinson had trouble with injuries.

The Sugar Bowl was the ugliest win I have ever seen by any team but if Molk hadn't torn his achilles it may have been much prettier.

SC Wolverine

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Wrong.  Denard was a great college football player.  He just wasn't a great pro player.  Big difference, as Desmond can tell you.  It is certainly true that once Rich Rod got to the tough part of the B1G schedule we started to get shut down.  But that doesn't make it Denard's fault.  Go back and watch UTL 1 and tell me that Denard was not a good football player.  Puh-leaze.


May 16th, 2018 at 8:50 PM ^

You're right about being a great college player is independent of how good you are as a pro, but Desmond played for 10 years, won a super bowl and was the superbowl MVP.   He also went to the pro bowl one year and was 1st team all pro one year.   Desmond may not have been a hall of famer in the Pros, but he was better than most.  

the Glove

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He made an NCAA record with a quarterback passing for over 2000 yards and rushing for a thousand. His statistics were better than Cam Newton that year who won the Heisman. The only reason he wasn't a Heisman Contender was that Michigan's defense was so god awful there's no way you could put a player with a losing record on the ballot.


May 17th, 2018 at 12:58 AM ^

Denard beat Ohio State, beat Michigan State, beat Notre Dame, won a BCS bowl game, set all kinds of records, and won probably the coolest game ever played at Michigan Stadium - UTL I.

And he did it all with an infectious smile.

I love Denard.

You hush your mouth. 

The artist FKA UN03

May 16th, 2018 at 4:53 PM ^

(Football) Some of the ineptness on offense last year was attributable to coaches that are still here, not just injuries and bad luck.

(Basketball) The pretty clear and recent uptick in recruiting and defensive efficiency could lead one to believe that some of the 'haters' may have had a point.

(General) Its ok to have different opinions, the borg is fictional.



Get a Grip

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I have a couple that are going to get me ran, one in particular. Especially given whose thread that I'm posting this in. Thankfully, it doesn't matter much considering that I've already been caved and as such have nothing to lose.

-I think that we should have a costumed mascot (cue the tomatoes) based on the Sailor Wolverine logo. I'm of the opinion that if we took the Sailor Wolverine and mixed him with what we see in the "Big 10 Family Portrait," we would have a very quality mascot rooted in Michigan tradition. A lot of people complain about "making it look like a wolverine rather than a bear," but that's largely accomplished in attention to the tail. I think that the only reason that we don't have one is due to misplaced pride and erroneous emphasis on what makes Michigan what it is. I think it would be a very good thing for the University and fanbase, especially when it comes to media pieces. Wouldn't you like to control and have an acceptable mascot to use versus random commercials having to use guys dressed up in khakis or sports site collages using hastily drawn blue cartoon wolverines with wings on their heads?

Additionally, I am not a huge fan of the uniform Block M for every single thing ever. I love the photorealistic wolverine in front of the Block M, I love the Sailor Wolverine logo, and I love the classic skinny M, and would love to see them all worked in more often, along with the university seal and winged helmet outline. This goes for both merchandise and uniforms. I'm not suggesting that we bring back the Split M, however.

Let me have it, folks.

Wolverine Devotee

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Ooh this is another one of mine.

Honestly, I never got the take pride in not having a mascot thing. We basically had one in the late 80s, though it wasn't officially adopted by the University.

I think it would be great if they did exactly what you said. Mascots aren't for you, message board posters. They're for children. 

Case and point. The Michigan Stormtrooper guy/Jon Leopold. I've seen him at almost all 36 Michigan Athletics events this season that I attended and kids immediately went up to get their picture taken with him. That would be same thing if we had a mascot.

It would have to look good though. I made this a few years ago. If it looks familiar it's the Wolverine head with Popeye's body. Something like this would work. 


May 16th, 2018 at 10:31 PM ^

We all know Mascots are for the kids.  Somebody must think of the kids.

but guess what?  The Kids survive without that photo-op.  Especially nowadays, it's really for th eadults to show what awesome parents they are to take The Kids to a wholesome event like amateur collegiate/scholastic sporting competition. 

JWG Wolverine

May 16th, 2018 at 7:41 PM ^

I'll let you have it with the first idea: NO MASCOT.

But your second idea is very very good. I think that Dave Brandon (who I fucking hate like everyone here, to clarify) had good intentions with his whole logo fiasco, but he took it WAY too far.

The Block M has been established as our primary logo, and that should be made clear, but the use of other ones should be encouraged and definitely not regarded in the negative way it is. I would include the split M along with all the ones you said as things they should try to work in their design ideas in the future, with merchandise, uniforms, graphics, etc.