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Submitted by scanner blue on December 26th, 2018 at 8:49 AM

We have a bowl game in three days and no one is talking football, tickets , what bar in Aukland is M friendly, etc. soooo.....time for a little OT.

Simple questions: 1. Why/what/who is your MGo Name? 2. Why/ what/ WTF is your avatar pic?



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1.) It's the name the school gave me and a teacher thought it was cool so I have just ran with it. Works great for login names since it's rarely already taken.


2) It's a picture of the big house, a crappy one, but it has memories. 


December 26th, 2018 at 8:57 AM ^

I was shocked when people got all upset that Harbaugh drinks milk with steak since I also enjoy that combination so that’s the name I chose  

The pic is a zoomed in shot of Harbaugh’s meal that caused the stir


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Weimy Woodson, my dog/best friend is a Weimaraner and I named her Woodson.  I've had her for 5 1/2 years now, and I'm beyond the point now where whenever I hear someone say the name Woodson, I think of her, not the great Michigan football player!

Cool fun note is that my wife is an OSU grad, and when we were getting the pup I was mentioning Michigan names.  She was cool with the idea but was shooting down the first few names I mentioned.  When I mentioned the name Woodson in jest, she started thinking and said "you know what, I really like that name!  Lets do that!"


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1: Back in 2010 when i became active here it was clear i was one of the older posters on the board and God willing, would continue to be so as time went on.

2: It's my senior picture from Cranbrook, 1978.  Note for newbies-had a bikini pic of MGoWife up for first 4 years or so but had to take down in the great naughty bits avatar purge.


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Interesting sub thread.

Mine is because I went to Michigan starting in ‘78 (after attending Andover) when Bo coached.  I grew up playing soccer under Ernie Knect’s (iirc) youth program at Cranbrook and at Michigan briefly met Bo when we had a game on one of his practice fields.  

Though I believe in never growing old. 


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Graduated from Western, parents were both Michigan grads so naturally I loved following the University athletics.

I love Futurama, argurbly just as much as UofM athletics, and who better to have in the picture than that 80's guy.

scanner blue

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I'll start. Was a lurker for years until I signed up for the Event Team and figured maybe I have a few behind the scenes tidbits to add to a discussion now and then. I was assigned to scan tickets before redeploying to a portal in the bowl, so scanner blue was born. 

My picture is a collection of authentic Michigan AD produced balls/puck plus a 200 year anniversary cube. I sometimes play a game with kids at games where they have to pick two of the four objects in front of them that actually hit me in the face at a UM sporting event. If you pick correctly you can win a fabulous M themed prize! The choices... hockey puck from Yost, baseball from Fisher, lacrosse ball from Oosterbahn, golf ball from the U of M course. Truth be told, most get a prize even if they answer incorrectly. Answer later in the day.


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Username: I'll never forget screaming this all season long, but especially in the tunnel leaving the 1998 Rose Bowl with a 21-16 National Championship win during my freshman year.


Avatar: Sam Sword was a beast and our leading tackler during that amazing season and Ian Gold arguably had a breakout year that year which would propel him to even greater stats in 1998 and 1999. 

Reggie Dunlop

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I'm a history buff. Reggie Dunlop was a colonel in the Continental Army and widely heralded for stopping the soviet invasion of Massachusetts.

Avatar is a picture of me from 1986 rooting on my wife during child birth.


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1. It’s actually a mistake. I was creating an acronym for “Now Just Another Investor” after I had left an employer in the early ‘00s and accidentally transposed the I and A. Because I was already using it in websites where I could have an anonymous screen name, I chose it for MGoBlog as well.

2. The avatar pic is of one of my closest friends (left; we met in the late 80s as Aero undergrads) and his colleague, another fellow alum from a different year, who were working as safety divers at the Johnson Space Center. They got to don space suits at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab for a training event. 


December 26th, 2018 at 9:06 AM ^

Couldn't think of a decent username that I wouldn't hate after a little while, and this seemed pretty timeless.

The insectosaurus avatar was born during a bored college night at home  but I've grown quite fond of it over the years.