Your most underappreciated College Football player ?

Submitted by MichiganMan_24_ on November 28th, 2009 at 4:28 PM

I kind of feel like nobody has cemented themselves as a Heisman winner this season ... and so i was thinking about the kids who dont get the hype whether it be because of conference or on a lousy team ... who do you feel deserves more hype ?

My choice is Russell Wilson QB NC St. .. when the media wants to go ACC QB talk they will jump to Tyrod Taylor or now Jacory Harris ... but to me RWilson has outplayed both and deserves to be called the best QB in the ACC.



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I don't really believe that Josh Nesbitt receives the acclaim that he deserves from the national press, and, I think that Jake Locker is a fantastic QB that really is ignored because the Pac 10 does not get widespread coverage, largely of their own doing. Also, Ryan Mallett, due to his combination of arm strength, disdain for his own teammates, and slut banging, deserves more coverage. A couple others: WR Eric Decker, and QB Kellen Moore.

But my choice for most "underappreciated" CFB player is Alabama LB Rolando McClain. If Michigan had that guy on the team (heck, if they had Greg Jones), they'd have won 8 games this year. He's a coach on the field.


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This is a great idea

Jacquizz Rodgers-has 20 td's with a game and a bowl game left

Andy Dalton-super efficient, 22 td with only 5 int, most importantly he is the leader of an undefeated team

Von Miller-saw my first glimpse of him on Thanksgiving, WOW, 17 sacks and he missed a game!

Tshimanga Cowabunga

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Freddie Barnes. Has 138 receptions for 1551 yds and 16 tds. He only needs like 5 more receptions in the bowl game BGSU should get selected for to break the NCAA mark for receptions in a single season. Not bad for a guy you've probably never heard of

Blue boy johnson

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I have got to go with Boubacar Cissoko. First Boubacar was all that was wrong with the Defense, Mich fan enemy #1,. Now I read posts blaming the demise of the Defense on the loss of Cissoko.

First runner-up David Molk.

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I actually agree with several of the names mentioned; Dan LeFevour, Jerrod Johnson of A&M, Freddie Barnes at BGSU. But I think BG was the most valuable player to his team in the Big Ten, and one of the most dominant players in the country at his position. I suspect he'll be the highest draft-pick of any of the other "underappreciateds" mentioned here.

There's one name that hasn't been mentioned; he's not in BG's league, but the "rookie of the year" in the Big Ten this year, the best freshman in my view, and one of the better players in the conference, was the little-recruited two-star linebacker for Wisconsin, Chris Borland.

Adam Rittenberg, for whom I carry no brief, wrote the same thing a week ago:…