Your least favorite Buckeye

Submitted by Butterfield on November 21st, 2012 at 5:17 PM

If you are on MGoBlog, chances are you don't like many, if any, Buckeyes.  We all have that one guy who, more than the rest, powers the turbines of hatred we have for our OSU rivals. 

I nominate  LB Andy Katzenmoyer. 

As a freshman, Andy Katzenmoyer was the 90's version of James Laurinaitis, during a simpler time when Road Warrior Animal was the only member of the Laurinaitis clan you were familiar with. 

From a hype machine standpoint, he was AJ Hawk without the Brady Quinn's sister sideshow.   He started his first game as a true freshman, a fact that Brent Musberger wouldn't let you forget about over a three year period.   He was God's gift to football, a self absorbed prodigal son who would see his play decline in the years following his tremendous frosh season.  Everyone noticed he wasn't as good as his reputation- everyone except the media who decided to award him the Butkus Award and make him a 1st team All America his Junior season.  He would ride his undeserved reputation to becoming a 1st round pick of the pre-Belichek Patriots, for whom he would play less than 3 years and be universally accepted as an awful bust.

From an academic standpoint, he set the low standard to which Terrelle Pryor would eventually aspire.  It became common knowledge he was only able to stay eligible by taking "Golf" and was the beneficiary of having a very influential booster base who was adamant that academics would not interfere with OSUs on field success. 

After losing in his first two attempts to beat Michigan, his team got it done in his junior (and final) season, winning comfortably at the Horseshoe.  I was there, suffering with my fellow student road trippers just barely a year after we had stormed the field and celebrated with roses in our mouths and pepper spray in our eyes.  The face of 1996-1998 OSU football, Andy Katzenmoyer.  I don't like him.  Who don't you like?




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I can't hate Chris Spielman.  From how he played the game to his time with the Lions and on to his support of his dying wife and her charity after she passed, he is a pretty stand up guy.

Now, AJ Hawk, Andy Katzenmoyer, and Troy Smith are three that I can easily hate.  The worst might be that big mouthed, roid freak David Boston.


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Yep.  First one that came to mind.  Boston.  Total thug.  Visited Ann Arbor for recruiting only to talk smack about how he, and Ohio State were going to kick our asses.  That play where he was sent sailing by a Michigan safety in '97, and landed on his ass and crumpled into a puddle, was one of my top 5 favorit plays vs OSU ever.

Troy Smith a distant second only because of how good he was against us.  Without him we win 06 and another Game or two.


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Troy Smith, I hated him so much, not just for his play, but he was the first public instance of Tressel and OSU cheating, and yet no one seemed to care about it at the time. See, I'm upset again. O*** is and will always be a four letter word.


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I think Troy Smith's aggravating mobile quarterback antics set the stage for michigan to move to a spread offense under RR. ( There were other mobile qb's that torched michigan too, but I feel like smith was the last straw which at least started the desire to move toward the spread... ). If this theory is true, then Troy smith is also responsible for not just beating us that year, but years after because he ushered RR into town...


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I hate him... I never cared to look into why he didn't stay in state, other than the fact that M had way better QB's than him filling water bottles.

But really, I just hate all Buckeyes.


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One of my favourite memories is the Marcus Ray hit on Boston in the 97 game.  Also don't like Chris Spielman, but only because he didn't stick up to his father and come play for Bo!


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It didn't help that he killed us, but there was always something about him that I didn't like.  He was shady from the start at OSU when he accepted cash from a booster, and I can just imagine the things that went on with him while at OSU, all while Tressel turned the other way.


Second is Zach Boren.


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It's a bit weird to just hate kids because they play for another team.  If you have "sound" reasoning like the OP states, so be it, you can't help your feelings.  I can't say that I hate any of the Buckeyes I've seen play through the years.  I didn't like that Troy Smith torched us, but I sure as hell don't hate him.

How about this.  This one I can be okay with.  I hate Jim Tressel and most of what he stands for.


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David Boston:

1. He is from the Houston area and went to a school that knocked us out of the playoffs.

2. His dad was an NFL ref.

3. He used steroids.

4. He put his hands on Chuck.

Loved seeing him upended in the 'GAME' by Mr. Ray.

Perkis-Size Me

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All of them. I was unaware that there was a Buckeye I should like. Aside from maybe John Cooper. But if I had to pick a few:

Justin Boren

Jim Tressel (cheater or not, the guy had Michigan's number, and we all know it)

David Boston