Your favorite NCAA Football video game?

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on July 18th, 2012 at 7:52 PM

It's the 20th anniversary of the NCAA Football series, so I thought I'd see what MGoBloggers favorites were. I have every one except 98. My favorite has to be 06 and 07 as a close second.

Can't go wrong with these two:



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I have only owned one NCAA game, and that was 05 which came with my Xbox. That was a fun game. I wish I knew where my Xbox and disk were so I could replay that game. 

UofM Snowboarder

July 19th, 2012 at 12:03 AM ^

I've owned or played extensively every NCAA since 2006, except 2007. I gotta say, I really liked the improvements to zone blocking in NCAA... 10? Whichever one that was 'the new thing'. Run blocking in 12 was completely idiotic, though. Zone blocking with a medocre line routinely produced 30+ gains, where even with a 90+ line across the board would get you TFL on the reg with, say Off Tackle Power.

As much as Cook loves to whine about coverage being the issue, in particular, being 'too weak', he's bitching without knowledge of what to bitch about. Unless you're playing on Varisty, which... n00b... the issue with coverage is that even if a WR has 2 steps and you throw a perfect pass, most of the time, the ball will be dropped, assuming any contact within 3 seconds of the catch.

My real issue is with the differences between zone and man blocking. In (again, I'm pretty sure this is the one, they all seem to blur together at this point) 2010, they were at least balanced, and there were OL players who did zone blocking well, and those that did man blocking well, mostly varying on size vs. speed. In the most recent iteration, which I have only played the demo, and 2012 there seems to be a distinct advantage to zone running, regardless of OL talents.

In general, I think there is an ever so slight trend upward with the games. However, our expectations for "what obviously needs to be fixed" are rarely satisfied. The house rule we had in college was buying every other year... which was frequently disregarded because the flesh is weak, but I think it's a good policy. The additions this year, on paper, seem like a nice step forward, but when, the day the games comes out, a friend(who's pretty darn good) tells me he threw 6 picks in his first game... something is probably wrong.


p.s. Anyone remember those terrible articles in the Daily previewing the games via a playthrough between two of the Daily sports writers (whose names elude me). Yeah. Those were painful.

Louie C

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I absolutely LOVE '07. I like taking plays from other teams' playbooks and making my own. I'd have nice spread and option plays and mix it  with some MANBALL and destroy shit. Jason Forcier was a pretty good dual threat in this one.  I also liked the pre-snap options of looking at mismatches, and then shitting all over the poor rattled DB that was covering Manningham one on one. You could actually throw a deep ball in that one, and the linebackers didn't have hands like a 5* receiver. Another thing I miss is that you could adjust your o-linemen pre-snap. Why in the fuck did EA get rid of that, and did they ever bring that back post '08? That and the ten-yards-away- from- the-play interceptions are some of the reasons why I never purchased another installment. I will get '12 or '13 because it would be blasphemous of me to not get one with Denard at QB.

Half Blood Dut…

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In a long time. Why? Every single defensive player including the 300+ plus pound lineman can sonehow run faster than Mike Vick (and now Denard). It's almost impossible to break away when I play them.

Six Zero

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was awesome. And so were we.

An honorable mention would have gone to the year (2008?) were they put the online Teambuilder into play... I used to create custom vector logos for my own teams and design uniforms and stadiums based on the artwork to create literally my own program... Too bad the online component was constantly malfunctioning and 'losing' my uploads.  Grrrrrr, still sour about that.


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though was probably the worst one of at least tthe decade. If I'm remembering correctly thats the one that was quickly ported over without the normal about of testing. It also lacked some basic features found in the PS2/Xbox1 version.


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Posted this is another thread and thought I'd post it over here as well.



Has anyone heard about the Lawsuit that was filled against EA by consumers? From what I saw they have settled on a 27 million settlment to be given back to the consumers, however I havn't seen how to go about getting the money back. Its 1.95 for every game bought on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii after 2005 and 6.79 per game bought on gamecube, PS2, and xbox.


There are many articles that can be found by a google search but here is one.