Your favorite Michigan traditions

Submitted by BostonWolverine on September 17th, 2013 at 11:49 AM

Hey everybody.

I work in advertising, and I have a project that I'm kind of trying to shoehorn Michigan football into (because obviously).

As a result, I'm trying to consolidate the whole of Michigan football tradition into one spot. I figured - what better place to source from than the MGoBoard? If you guys feel like helping out by talking about your favorite Michigan traditions, bits of Michigan history, game watching traditions, cheers, etc...that'd be awesome.


Thanks in advance.





September 17th, 2013 at 12:19 PM ^

This is my favorite too. When the band forms up into an M and blasts the victors while marching into the endzone, that psyches me up more than anything. It's the very last thing that happens before kickoff, so you know it's time at last!


September 17th, 2013 at 4:30 PM ^

It's not actually the last thing.  The last thing is having all the big flag guys run across the field spelling out MICHIGAN with their flags.  They never seem to get much of a reaction from the crowd.  I've always thought they should take the field first, before the band.


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in no particular order:

1.  The drum major doing that back-bend head to the turn thing (I don't know what it is called, but it is cool);

2.  Bongo Man - despite the fact that he still uses the same rhymes from when I was in school in the 1990's, he is just a great tradition;

3.  touching the banner (obviously);

4.  In the Big House, by Pop Evil (kidding, of course)

non-kidding 4.  Singing the Victors after a win.



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I love walking to the stadium with the band (from Revelli). A really cool part of gameday if you can get to the game early

Sadly, GA probably murdered this for most students unless you're ok with just taking whatever seat. I used to love to walk with the band before games


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I miss and oldy, when Bob Ufer was in the press box doing a game, he would honk an old horn when ever Michigan scored. 3 times for a TD, 2 for a FG, and 1 for an extra point. It claimed it was from General Pattons jeep in WWII. I do remember hiim having trouble getting one and a half honks out for a safety one time.


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I miss the student section marshmallow fights.  True story - when they decided to put a stop to the marshmallows, I looked up from pouring whiskey into a cup of coke to find a police officer walking down my isle inches in front of me.  He looked at the bottle of whiskey and my shocked face, told me to put it away, then continued down to grab the kid in my aisle with the bag of marshmallows.


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When I went to Michigan games as a kid, I remember thinking how great it must feel to throw a roll of toilet paper from the top of the stadium.  Later, in middle school, I learned how great it feels to throw a roll of toilet paper over trees...especially if it was some really annoying classmate.  Ahh, good times.


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The blue brothers was always one of my favorite M band tunes as a kid.

The cheerleaders running around like they don't know how to spell Michigan....I'm kidding, that blows.


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Definitely the pregame / introductory program of the band, as several have mentioned - there is something about every aspect of that from the drum major bending over to the marching "M" formation that gets me to simply lock in and concentrate on what is about to happen on that field. 

Touching the banner would have to be a close second. Nothing like cheering the Wolverines as they make their entrance. Also, being able to buy roses after the Ohio State game. 


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Let’s see here

  • Hearing the band at Michigan Stadium without the annoyance of piped in music
  • Playing traditional Midwestern rivals like Wisconsin and Minnesota instead of teams like Rutgers and Maryland
  • Playing at noon
  • A big house devoid of the corporate NFL experience of marketing videos, giveaways (pom poms), celebrity appearances and other gimmicks
  • Seeing Lloyd Brady in the front row