Your craziest/worst experience at a sporting event?

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I'm in the mood for a good laugh. Share stories of your craziest experience or worst experience as a fan at a game.

This can be altercations with opposing fans, drunks/idiots sitting around you etc.

My worst was in 2000 in Columbus. Drunk ohio fan intentionally pushes my 18 year old niece while walking by and while he tries to get away I grab him by the back of the collar, spin him around and slug him between the eyes and he drops like a sack 'o' potatoes. 

Craziest was at Yankee Stadium. As a spectator without a dog in the fight, I watched legions of drunk Yankee and Red Sox fans fight it out to finish. I wish they had the small cameras back then like they do now because it looked like some WWF Battle Royal action. There had to be 30+ in the brawl. 




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My mom took me as a kid to a Reds game, and we got into a traffic jam on the way home.  The traffic jam was one of those start-then-stop-for-a-long-time situations, and during each stop (for awhile anyway), people from the two cars ahead of us got out and beat each other up (carload v. carload), only to get back in their cars again as traffic started moving.  It was...something. 


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Craziest: I went with 3 friends to the '07 road game at Illinois. After an entire afternoon of drinking we ended up at the game on the border of the Michigan section in the upper deck, so we were seated next to Illinois fans.

After some friendly banter before the game it turned rather vicious when some grown Illini fans were shouting that, "Lloyd Carr deepthroats!" and proceeded to make angry gestures towards my friends and I. This only lasted so long before my roommate decided to speak up, naturally the one Illini fan threw a punch and soon enough we had ushers and security come up and question what had happened. Luckily we had enough people around us to back our story but it was the weirdest experience I've ever had at a game. Needless to say I probably won't be heading back to Champaign anytime soon.


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Most traumatizing: my first NFL game. I was 11 years old, on my way to see the Raiders play the Lions in Detroit. I was a Raiders fan since Charles Woodson, obviously. Twin brother and father are Lions fans but respect my decision. I'm wearing my Charles Woodson jersey plus a silver Raiders visor, Gruden style. On our way to find our seats, some drunk asshole dumped the biggest beer of all time right on my head. Father restrains himself from murdering said drunk, allowing us to stay at the game. I sit, soaked in beer, watching the pitiful Lions beat the Raiders.

Most emotionally devastating: first Michigan away game. Front row seats at the 40 yard line. At Northwestern. Aaand it's the game we lost 54-51 when Thomas fumbled on the goal line. Fuck.


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my freshman year....State beat us in 1978 and we were playing in East Lansing...I got a ticket in MSU's student section. Ralph Clayton catches an 80 yard TD and I jump up and cheer.....every single person in that area threw popcorn, pop, whatever at me....well at least we won the game!


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Best was Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals: Detroit Red Wings against the Anaheim Ducks. Second playoff Wings game I ever went to; Detroit took an early lead, then Anaheim came back and tied it before Cleary scored late to pull Detroit ahead. It was a flukey play where Cleary pushed the puck in with the goalie's pad; virtually identical to a play that Anaheim had won a game on against Detroit during the regular season. Justice was served.

Worst, The Horror. 'nuff said.

no joke its hoke

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70 year old msu fan grabbed me by the back of my hood and pulled me down and told me to sit down, when everyone was standing to see the play down field. I told him if he puts his hands on me again I would send his old ass back to E.L. in a hearse. he left and bobby Williams was fired. nice weekend.


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I forgot to add my craziest. My first Michigan game was Tom Brady's last home appearance against Ohio St. That was an absolutely amazing experience. I also went to the OT thriller against Northwestern last year with my mom. About ten Hoegaardens later and quite a bit of profanity, it ended up being a blast.


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I was at the Kordell Stewart game and I was there last week.  I nearly burned half my face off because my dumbass didn't wear sunscreen.  Nuff said.


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I've never had any trouble with opposing fans. Guess I've been lucky that it's always been just good-natured stuff, and I've actually enjoyed hearing their critique of their team and mine.

But...I was attending a White Sox game probably 20 years ago with a friend of mine and his elderly parents (who had the tickets). Seats behind first at U.S. Celluar (still Comisky then). First inning, here comes a foul off the bat of the mighty Scottie Fletcher. I'm in an end seat and can see the ball rolling along the empty seats across from me. Easy pickings. I go into aisle, kneel and promptly get destroyed by some douche flying full speed after seeing I was waiting for the ball.  Knocked me down three steps and broke my ribs. Yay. I never even saw who did it after being at the bottom of a dog pile. When entangled, told buddy and elderly parents, "FUCK!", which was not a life highlight for me, but I was a little fixated on the ribs. Good news is some skinny kid in a Metallica shirt got the ball.

All over a FOUL by a guy who was out of the league in about two years.

Brick in The Wave

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a couple of years ago.  What I can only assume was a member of the Hell's Angels and his old lady are sitting right behind my wife and I.  They get up to get something to drink and when they return a very, very intoxicated young man is sitting in their seats. 

They ask him to get up but the kid is so lit he thinks it is his seat and refuses.  SOA guy picks him up pours the drink on the kids head and kicks him down the stairs (aisle seat) I think he rolled down the stairs for about 20 rows.  Needless to say I hope his Harley had a radio because he was escorted out. 

So was the drunk young man once he came to a stop.


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My buddy and I are Red Sox fans and were walking back to our cars after seeing the Sox beat the Yankees in a regular season game in 2002 at Yankee Stadium.  This one dude who was with a few of his friends was walking beside us and kept chanting "1918" over and over and over again.  My friend eventually said something harmless like "scoreboard" but that was all this guy needed.  He got inches away from my friend.  He wanted a fight but when it was clear my friend wasn't going to swing at him he spit all over his face.  We were in absolute shock.  I've heard the new Yankee Stadium is a nice, family friendly place but it was a different atmosphere not too long ago.  I'll never forget that moment under the Major Deegan Expressway.  It was around then that I decided I didn't need to keep going to the South Bronx.


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When was the Yankee stadium fight? Is that the yankee/sox/pedro brawl? 

I had a scary expierence last year during the Illinois game. A very drunk bro stumbles into the game during the second quarter, and immediately tries to talk to the 6'3, 280 pound man who had bought a student ticket. After grabbing the man on his should and constantly chattering, the man finally slaps his hand away and yells at him to leave him alone. He then turns to my friends and I and threatnigly asks if the bro is our friend. We were all a little speechless and luckily the bro jumped in, and assured the man we were not. The kid just needs to say one more thing, so he grabs the man's shoulder again...and then the dude turns to swing on him. He would have landed one if his girlfriend didn't grab his arm. 


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Don Zimmer charged the mound in the 2003 ALCS at Fenway.  I was actually at that game in a standing room only section and couldn't see anything when the crowd stood up.  This kid next to me said Pedro just threw Don Zimmer to the ground and I of course didn't believe him until my phone started blowing up.


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Sat in the heart of the student section for a packed night game.  Was getting abused by app state mentions, mike hart, and henne were both out.  I was loud and cheering.  Also lafter the game left to go home with friends, did not stop except once for gas, dropped people off, and changed at the golf course minutes before a golf outing in Jackon. Perfect timing 9 hours out.


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Game vs Illinois freshman year. Super drunk Illinois fan proceeded to finish off a fifth of Jack, take a pee in it, and then throw it as high as they could down the student section. Landed like 3 rows behind us, luckily not hitting anyone (well some people in the area got a little wet). Could have been bad.



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I was at UTL I with my dad. I'm late twenties, my dad is early sixties and about 200 lbs. On the Vincent Smith TD (when we went up for the first time) the two guys behind us jumped and cheat bumped each other, lost their balance and both fell against my dad, who was not braced for it and he fell forward onto a kid who was maybe ten years old directly in front of him, knocking him flat on his face. It was a bizarre way to experience one of the most exciting moments in sports I have ever witnessed.


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My seats are in the lower half of section 4.  I attempted to jump into my brother's arms and sort of bear hug him, but he was completely stunned by this and lost his balance, at which point we both fell forward onto the people in front of us, who probably fell into the people in front of them to some degree unbeknownst to me.

Wait, I just realized this was when Rees had the ball flat drop out of his hand when ND had driven the length of the field following Denard's last INT (which I still contend should have been PI on the ND corner, I'll argue to the day I die that he pushed Gallon).

So ... never mind.


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Living in San Francisco at the time, I went to the niners/lions Sunday night game last season. We wore Michigan stuff as the stick is not the best environment for away fans. A large (were talking 4XL) African American man in front of us notices the u of m stuff and asks who we're rooting for, I say that we just want a good game. He is nowhere to be found until the fourth quarter when he stumbles back to his seat, piss drunk and yells at us the entire fourth quarter "CALL BARRY SANDERS! WHERE'S SANDERS! Y'ALL SUCK CALL UP BARRY" the lions would lose and be would be found vomiting off of the south escalator as we walked back to the car.


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1983 OSU pre game.  Victors club milling around the field before the entrance.  Brutus the Buckeye is running down the field with an OSU flag.  Out of the corner of my eye I see someone creeping, then he turns into a full sprint.  Dive tackle of Brutus.  Brutus gets up and starts beating HER assailant with the bent flag pole, none other than Bruce Kimball.

Daily votes it the best open field tackle in its year-end issue.

Good times, good times


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Was halfway down Hoover when I realized I wasn't wearing the pants that had my sunblock in them (I live on North).  As the game progressed I was like, "Well shit, it's not like I can leave now."  I remained incapable of facial movement for a few days.

Plus, you know, Akron.


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My wife was hit with food and shot with a water gun on separate occassions in East Lansing while running on the street (not during rivalry week) for wearing a UM shirt.  I was also called a number of derogatory names while walking through Columbus after the 2003 game.  I'll admit that was on me.


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Mike Utley, Lions game November 17, 1991.   I am both a Rams and Lions fan and I chose to wear my Jim Everett Rams shirt and took my girlfriend.  Utley gets injured, game ends, no one realizes he’s paralyzed.  We’re slowly shuffling out of the Silverdome, shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people, my girlfriend suddenly shouts “Ouch!  You asshole!”  I turn to look and she says “This guy just pinched my ass.”  So there’s this little dude, maybe 5’6” 140.  I’m 6’6” 220.  He’s just standing there looking at me with a  wry smile. I’m kind of shocked at the composure of this tiny person staring me down.  I square up to him and say “Tell me you didn’t just pinch her ass?”  Suddenly 4 of his buddies appear from among the hordes of people and one of his boys says “Yeah, he did.  And I think I’m going to squeeze her ass next.  What are you going to do about it?”  5 on 1, with the prospect of danger for my girlfriend.  As an Italian with a temper, a volcano’s worth of anger boiled inside me as I stared at 5 guys all smiling at me, but what could I do?  All I could muster was “Why don’t you guys get your own girlfriends!” as I quickly turned and led my girlfriend away.

What sick pride do I possess that to this day, 22 years later, I still wish I’d have jumped into that scrum of 5 guys and gotten my ass kicked?  Why do I still feel like I left my man card on the floor there?  Quite obviously, I am not far removed from a caveman, though in thankful retrospect, I was at that moment 22 years ago.


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Funniest experience.  Yankees vs. Red Sox in bleachers of the old Yankee stadium.   Kid about 16 or 17 years old was at the game with his sister and his mom, all three were wearing Red Sox gear and sitting a row in front of us.   This was after they had banned alchohol from the bleachers, so it wasn't that hostile any more (i.e, hostile but not dangerous).  

Anyway, halfway through the game, some dude stands up and notices that the 16 year old kid's haircut vaguely resembles a mullet.  Not a true mullett but his hair was a bit longer in the back.   The dude starts yelling "Dude's got a mullet! Dude's got a mullet""  The entire bleachers then break out in a "Dude's got a mullet!" chant.   After a few minutes of this, his mom asks him what the chant means and why they are pointing at him.  He meekly told her "they are making fun of my hair".  The look of disappointment on his face was priceless.


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Finding out I passed the bar at halftime during the Nebraska game last year, while sitting in the Nebraska student section. Then promptly standing up to announce it to the student section. I got a handshake from the Nebraska fan that was being a douche to me during the first half.

The game didn't seem as bad afterwards


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I got choked by a cop running on to the field at Purdue when they won the BigTen championship against Indiana in 01 or 02.  I was jumping down to the field; it was like my neck just fell into his big paws.  I was the one non-Purdue fan there, and he caught me.  Let me go quickly, though.


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getting a hummer under the bleachers; kind of tradition after every game we won. Prettiest cheerleader in school. Her daddy just happened to be the one to catch us.  Her daddy was also my head football coach.  Only time I ever did anything supposedly against school policy that I never got in trouble for.  He hit me only one time with closed fist, a justifiable reaction I thought, but his daughter was older than I.  However, never got a day of detention or kicked off tb team. Played second team for about 2 mins into next game.  He's the one that had to eat supper with that lil slut every night.  Bet she never got her mouth washed out with soap for what came out of it I'm guessing: lol  !!!!!!