Your Announcing Team this Saturday vs. UConn

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For those of us who will be watching the game from our homes/bars/jails, the Michigan/UConn game will be covered by Sean Mcdonough and local hero Matt Millen on ABC/ESPN2.  Heather Cox is on the sideline, so at least you have that going for you.

Also, College Gameday is in Atlanta for UNC vs. LSU.  That game should be interesting, what with North Carolina no longer having a defense or anything.



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Lame that GameDay is in Atlanta.  Really should be in AA.  M-UConn will be a good game, plus opening of the "new" Big House, plus Mealer....  I mean, come on.  Sounds like a no-brainer to me.


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I agree.  There are not too many marquee games the first weekend.  I'd imagine this would be the game to go with unless Gameday thought they'd have a future matchup including LSU during SEC play (which is very plausible), or since they really like going to new places, in which case I think Oregon State v. TCU could have been a decent choice.

Interestingly, with all the TV coverage, one of the best games is Pitt at Utah, which is tucked away on Thursday night, broadcast on Versus, of all channels.


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For as crappy as he was being a team president I dont mind the guy on the mic.

He obviously knows the "game" of football and usually can break down a  play pretty well. However, the guy couldn't build a team if his life depended on it


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I met Millen in the Detroit airport when he was Lions' Poo Bah right before he hired Mooch after the 02 season I believe.  The guy treated me like royalty.  I felt like he would have bought me and my buddies beers if he wasn't in a hurry. Great talker and  he seemed like he was interested in what I had to say about football. He even asked me my opinion on the Parcells to Dallas rumors like I was Jay Glazer or something.

He would have succeeded Madden in the booth at Fox on the number 1 team had he not taken the Detroit job.  

I don't know why I am sharing this.  I guess to pump up my ego that I didn't get blown off by someone famous. 

He definitely is a personable guy and 100% beer and football type vibe in person. He should have stuck with the booth. I won't be tempted to do the Frank and Brando radio call over the muted TV and all the delay issues that creates.  Highest compliment I could give Millen.  I think I did it in all the games he didn't do last year.

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So I got that goin' for me.  Which is nice.

Seriously, about Game Day; I thought we were getting Game Day on Saturday.  I can't even remember; is there a BTN "Game Day" equivalent?


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This may mark me as a bitter, old, grouchy @#$%er, but everytime I hear "Monotone" McDonough (whose abilities I respect), I think of the trash job he and CBS did on Michigan after the '97 season during the Nebraska-Tennessee game.

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any more motivation to go drop $200+ on a pair of tickets for this Saturday...

Make it happen, people.  I don't want to see any Huskies in your seats.  Oh, who am I kidding?  UCONN could give free airfare and tickets and couldn't get 10,000 fans to show up in AA.


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I think they both did an excellent job with last year's ND game. Millen was a little too ga-ga for Tate at certain points but weren't we all during that game?

Have always liked McDonough's style - understated, but he knows when to get excited (i.e. the Mathews TD).  Plus being a Boston native, he gets brownie points for his Sox telecasts on WSBK.


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On another subject, am I to understand that as long as I have ABC and ESPN2, I am guaranteed to get the Michigan game?

I cant find coverage maps yet and just wanted to make sure. Thanks!


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Well the way I'm reading it I think I'll be ok. 

There are three games listed on ABC at 330ET. Mich v UConn, UCLA v KSU, and Kentucky v Louisville. 

Of those three, only Mich v UConn is also listed on ESPN2. So I think I'll get UCLA on ABC because of my location and Michigan will roll over to ESPN2.

The only problem I see is if Kentucky is somehow on the deuce over Michigan and that doesn't seem likely. 

Let me know if I am missing something because I'll spring for Gameday if I have to. 


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I think Michigan-UCONN is the default  "national" broadcast and the UCLA and the Kentucky are the regional broadcasts.  Since you life in Pac-10 country, I'd think they might put UCLA on ABC, and roll M onto ESPN2.  I'm fairly certain that no one in the country won't have the Michigan game (i.e. they get both the UCLA and the UK game).  I say this because both UCLA and UK games are available on gameplan, but the M game is not.

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The Big 10 is no longer on Gameday.  If the game is scheduled in an ABC slot, then it will be broadcast on one of the ESPN networks if another game is on ABC locally.  It's a super-sweetheart deal if you've got BTN in your area--it'll be almost impossible to miss a game.  I have been in SoCal the last two seasons and have had no problems.


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We can only hope for some, "If you look closely there is a jock strap on the field, and it belongs to (insert poor UConn defender's name)" calls next Saturday.


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Hoping for a good coverage map before Friday.  Have to set the DVR for replay before I leave.  Sometimes those maps aren't finalized until Saturday morning.  Given that I am in CT I assume we will get it on ABC.


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Sean and Matt did a decent job on the ND game last year.  (Touchdown! Greg Mathews!)

I can live with this.  Though Millen still brings up awful memories with the Lions, he's not that bad with the color commentary.   


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Anyone else notice that Drew Henson is listed as a commentator for the Norfolk St. vs. Rutgers game on ESPN3?  Haven't seen or heard anything about him since he was cut by Detroit so it's good  to see he's getting back into football.


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He did a  solid job last year doing some of our games so I can live with that. To be honest I'm so excited for the game I don't care who the commentators are...unless of course we got stuck with Pam Ward.