You Need a Tackle. Who you got?

Submitted by Ziff72 on February 15th, 2012 at 7:45 PM

Had a discussion about tackling in a previous thread.  I won't try and taint the jury so I just want to give you a scenario and see what you think.

Let's suppose you are Jamiemac and you are at the UM spring game.  Since you are a gambling addict you have bet Ace on the Spring Game.  The maize team is heading down on the last drive and you need a stop to win the bet.   Borges has called a throwback screen to Toussaint and your heart is rising in your throat as you see vast green space in front of him.  The lineman has cut one defender but one guy has read the play and he has recovered enough to be 8 yds away squared up with Toussiant as Toussaint has secured the catch.

Who do you want to that defender to be to save you?

One catch it can't be Kovacs because Mattison has him on the sidelines calling the defense.





February 15th, 2012 at 7:49 PM ^

Give me Countess, the kid proved he could tackle in open field last season, plus I think he has the ability to use his speed to force Toussaint to the sideline for additional help.


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That's just lil' old Anna Watson, an UGA cheerleader who Yahoo! was trying to push as some kind of saint a few weeks ago. Supposedly she turned down a $75k fitness modelling contract because she refused to take an illegal steroid...

Personally, I have some oceanfront property in Colorado that I'd love to sell to the good folks at Yahoo! for a fabulous price!


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I picked Fitz instead of S. Hopkins or J. Gallon because I wanted a guy with some moves and some power.

Looks pretty split all over the board so far.  I would tend to go with Magnus who had  Gordon or Countess as some people have mentioned.  I think in open spaces you need the quickness to stay with the guy.

In my quest to see more dime packages Magnus brought up the point of having Ryan on the field for tackling purposes and I didn't really think of that point because I think in the open field  I would rather have a Safety or CB, but some CB's can be pretty bad at tackling so it is an interesting point to debate.   I was more curious the positions people would pick over the player.

I'd still like to see Avery and Taylor on the field for Morgan and Campbell in long yardage situations.  Move Roh inside and Ryan to DE and we're all set with pass rush and coverage, but maybe we sacrifice some tackling.

Thanks for your input.