You know who does not belong in the BCS?

Submitted by SalvatoreQuattro on January 4th, 2012 at 11:26 PM

Clemson. 63-20?  This has to be ranked among the worst performances in BCS history. Eastern Michigan could have performed better than this.



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This is a trainwreck and I cannot look away. I have to know how bad it gets. Starters are getting sat for WVU so 100 isn't in play, but 80 is a distinct possibility.


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I think the take away is that bowl games are weird, played after a month or so layoff, after a bowl week of promotional shenanigans, etc.  I am not at all certain bowl games give an accurate read on the teams that play.  I think this calls into question the assumption that we can rely on bowl games to evaluate the teams, determine rankings, and pick a "champion."


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This is a total train wreck, but matchups/motivation in bowls are tricky.  Clemson blew the doors off of Va Tech, while we struggled with them.  Clemson just couldn't bounce back from that fumble return.


But man - this is effing hideous.


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How in the hell isn't there a thread for this game!? Anyway, listening to Joe Tess and Rod Gilmore do this game on our drive home from NOLA. As the hip-hoppers say these days, This Sh*t Cray. Dana Holgorsen had these boys ready to play, while the youth of Clemson is shining brightly. As also mentioned above, I can't even turn the radio to music/iPod, I want to hear how this mess ends!


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No.  What this shows is that 1) the Clemson coaches don't know how to make adjustments and 2) Clemson doesn't know how to deal with adversity very well.  Lou Holtz has said precious few correct things in his life, but one that is completely true, is that you never know for 100% certain what team will show up on gameday.  This is the posterchild of that thought.


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However, the Clemson team seemed to have been playing fine right off the bat and looked like they were prepared, ready to go. They punted on the first possession, but after that they were up and firing on all cylinders (more or less). That whole fumble return episode, however, seemed to have F'd with these kids heads, maybe even the coaches. I dunno, it's probably a combination of many things, but something happened. Which is too bad, because they earned this trip to Miami, as did their fans that made the trip, but to say this has been a disappointment for all involved would be an understatement.


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What it really shows is that the Clemson coaches did not have their players prepared to face adversity.  They got fucked on a terrible turnover, and then collapsed. 

The opposite is the 2011 Michigan Wolverines, where anytime they faced adversity, they fought back tooth and nail.  It didn't always work out, but as the ND game and the Sugar Bowl show you, never giving up a fight will win you some in the end.  That is a testament to the leadership of the team, and also the real story of the Sugar Bowl.

Sac Fly

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If Notre Dame was a conference it would be the ACC. Huge hype year after year for teams like FSU, Georgia Tech and Miami only to see the wheels fall off.


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Team 132 was a plucky unit that fought for every inch.

Winning 11 and having a chance to win the other two with five minutes to go takes consistency.

I think we saw intangibles in spades this year that are likely to be passed on to and instilled in future teams by the coaching staff. That's a good thing.

Just wait until this staff has stocked the cupboards with five top-flight recruiting classes.


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BTW -- Slippery Rock is better than USC by transitive property.  Chart?


Div II Slippery Rock beat California PA 17 - 3
  Div II California PA beat CW Post 41 - 13
  Div II CW Post beat Bloomsburg 24 - 21
  Div II Bloomsburg beat Ashland 27 - 20
  Div II Ashland beat Indianapolis 39 - 36
  Div II Indianapolis beat Grand Valley St 34 - 33
  Div II Grand Valley St beat W Oregon 44 - 20
  Div II W Oregon beat Humboldt St 40 - 24
  Div II Humboldt St beat UC Davis 23 - 17
  Div I - FCS UC Davis beat CS Sacramento 23 - 19
  Div I - FCS CS Sacramento beat Oregon St 29 - 28
  Div I - FBS Oregon St beat Arizona 37 - 27
  Div I - FBS Arizona beat Arizona St 31 - 27
  Div I - FBS Arizona St beat USC 43 - 22

I guess Garnett is really considering Slippery Rock


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VT probably deserved a BCS more than Clemson did. They were ranked higher, had a better record and beat teams that Clemson lost to. Clemson got bid because they won their championship game against a team that is obviously a bad match-up for them. Is NW a better team than Iowa even though they beat Iowa constantly. By your logic, no one in the B1G deserved a BCS bid because we all had two losses an kicked the crap out of each other at various times.
<br>An why is UM playing the BCS such a big deal to anyway?


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They earned their way to this game but obviously is having their worst game of the season at the worst time. I certainly feel for the seniors on that team. 


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I was hoping for 80.

Will be interesting to see how Clemson responds to this in the off-season. If they handle adversity this poorly, there could be a hangover into next September.


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If there was ever a way for a coach who won 10 games and Coach of the Year honors to land on the hot seat based on his team's performance in a single game, Dabo Swinney just found it.


January 5th, 2012 at 2:42 AM ^

the BCS games have been pretty entertaining and close, there's always a dud game every year, sometimes two.  It was bound to happen.


FWIW, I think VTU played their asses off yesterday and had they played like that vs Clemson either time the result could have different.


I'm just pissed because this keeps the Big East in the BCS argument relevant, they needed to get punked by Clemson for that talk to start.