You get upset at DB for wanting a fuzzy mascot, but...

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But it's nothing new, and it could be way, way, WAY worse.

Although, actually, in a way, I like this little guy. I think it's because it's embarassing to the Buckeyes and also because in the modern day, somebody would see this and scream RACIST! (Seriously... it's like the head of a Black character from a 1930's cartoon).


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That iteration of Brutus Buckeye hasn't existed since about 1965.  (Somebody will probably correct me on the date; but it is about three or four Brutuses ago.)

And the fact that some people in today's day and age would look at an anthropmorphized chesnut and scream racism says a lot more about those people than about the mascot.

Why would you post this?  I think it makes Michigan fans look dumb, to post this sort of non-issue non-sequitir.

Yes; when it comes to collegiate mascots, virtually every one of them is associated with some sort of embarassing kerfuffle.  Sometimes several of them.  Best way to avoid all of that is to just not have a mascot.  An old (very old) .gif of a now-obsolete giant buckeye that you think is terribly embarassing is not much of an endorsement for Dave Brandon's crassest marketing ideas, when a Michigan mascot would inevitably be destined for some unfortunate incident just like Sparty, Bucky or Brutus. 



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Sort of a "Clockwork Orange"-vibe going on in that one with the bowler hat. The placement of the buckeye in the groinal region is also...interesting. Definitely the creepiest of the iterations displayed in this feature.


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The only acceptable mascot for UM would be a live wolverine.  We would keep it in a cage, and before every home game, the wolverine would be released onto the field to chase down and devour a live version of whatever the opposing team's mascot is.  


May 7th, 2013 at 10:23 AM ^,_the_Michigan_Wolverine 

From the link: The University of Michigan Athletic Department reports that Biff and Bennie “grew larger and more ferocious,” leading Yost to conclude, "It was obvious that the Michigan mascots had designs on the Michigan men toting them, and those designs were by no means friendly." 


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If DB got a live wolverine (or two) and paraded it around the stadium pre-game, I think that might get students to show up before the kick-off. I would even chip in to help buy the necessary insurance policy in case the mascots acted on their "designs on the Michigan men toing them." I just think this would be awesome.


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Please edit your post with " down and devous a live version of whatever the opposing team's mascot is, and/or Braxton Miller, and/or Dantonio."


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being rescued after 10 years would be the strangest item of the day...then the dancing bucknut gif with the enthusiastic onlooker. 

Makes me give thanks for every day we don't have Willie the Wolverine.


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Looks less like blackface and more like know, if Gumby were reddish-brown, round and didn't stretch very much.


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I see the way kids light up around the fuzzy goofs. DB has a valid point. Unless it looks good and not ridiculous, I don't want it.

This is solely about money though. Imagine the dollar signs DB sees when you take merchandise for it into account.


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Would Brian be opposed to a mascot that looks like a muppet? Everyone around here seems to love muppets. How about a muppet that looks like Brian? Come to think of it, is Brian a muppet?