You don't stay with a shitty girlfriend just cuz you've been with her for 3 years

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You don't stay with a shitty girlfriend just because you've been with her for 3 years.  You can complete the analogy on your own.



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Why is this guy able to start posts with negative whatever points... it is total bs, just look at his ID, he is spamming cause he probably has never had a girlfriend and has nothing better to do.

Frank Drebin

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He is in the negative because of the negbombs taking place from his recent comments. Maybe he shouldn't stay with his "shitty girlfriend of a team" after the last 3 years we have witnessed. That seems like the analogy he is trying to make. Comments like this aren't helping anything. Have fun jumping off of the bandwagon. Not sure we want you back on it when it turns around.

Mitch Cumstein

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She is slowly being better at being your girlfriend, but still can't compete with the other girls available?  Also, its not her fault, she is young, and has had injuries.  And your ex-girlfriend left with everything .  Aren't those good excuses?  I hear them all the time so they must be.


I Wrote a 4 Wo…

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You also don't pay a girl several million dollars for years with the knowledge that it will take time to rebuild. I'd say this is a pretty dumb analogy. Not 100% stupid but maybe like 95% or so just nonsensical. Coaching a division 1 football team is really nothing at all like dating a girl.

Anyways, Go Blue.

Ultimate Quizmaster

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At this point I don't give a damn about how potent the offense is, we just need to do SOMETHING on defense. Get 'em older, get better coaches, whatever. do it. I think we can all agree that no way in hell we'll ever sniff another BT title without a good defense.


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Agree, as long as the girlfriend mentioned is Greg Robinson, and yes, only two years. Also, you've been cheating on Greg with Rich Rod, who you're about to dump Greg  for.


What I wrote from an earlier post:


Agree 1000000000000000000%.  I'm all in for Michigan, and Rich.  But Greg Robinson needs to go (I keep saying this, and this board keeps giving me negs).  There are plenty of defensive coordinators out there who could at least get us to tackle properly.  I love our players, and fuck Spielman.  He said we have no talent on the defensive side of the ball.  We have been recruiting fine on that side of the ball.  There is no reason why Wisconsin, who we definitely out-recruit on that side of the ball should have an incredible defense, and ours should be so poor.  Granted they have experience, but our youthful talent was definitely capable of a middling defense this year, if it weren't for Greg Robinson. 

Our offense will keep rolling next year.  Bring a new D-Coordinator who can teach discipline and fundamentals, and we'll have a shot at the Big Ten Title.  I swear to all of you there is no need to worry about a defensive scheme change.  Defense has always been about discipline, tackling, pursuit angles, and aggresiveness.  I played LB on two state title teams, and trust me we weren't running crazy schemes. 


I'm proud of the heart we played with today.  We could have easily came out and quit in the second half.  Go Blue, Go Brandon, Go Rich, Go Team!  We're on the right path!


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Here's how I look at it.

We currently have a girlfriend with a fantastic ass, but she has some extremely droopy boobs. If the boobs can be fixed to be at least somewhat presentable, I'd be content with her going forward. But in her current state, nobody wants to be seen in public with her.


Mods, please don't delete this thread. It could be the most fun we have all day.