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I've posted a few photos to Flickr of the postgame onfield celebration -

Looking for something outside of Facebook that would allow tagging via your Facebook/Twitter account. 

What I had in mind is similar to the 360' shot they did for UTL, where you could tag yourself. I'll edit this post if I find anything.



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I posted this on another thread as well:

What was the inside story about rushing the field?  I have not seen that in a looong time.

Was it "taken by force", or did they just let everyone come down since it was the last game?  

They have been pretty militant about not letting anyone on the field since they lowered it and essentially fenced it off in '91.  No arrests, injuries, that kind of thing, I hope?

Good job, BTW.


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The field rush was a patient one. First the payers celebrated on the field and ran over to the student section. As they ran off students and then fans from around the stadium jumped over the walls and ran out to celebrate on the field. No one went near the goalposts, no fighting, lots of helping each other out at the wall and a general outburst of happiness and goodwill.


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Well after the players started leaving to go back toward the tunnel the first couple students jumped over too. And that started a flood from the students which carried over to other parts of the stadium. I was in Section 17 and all the cops/on-field security were directing people toward the middle of the field. Everyone was pretty cool about it, and inside the mob everything was going good. There were a few Buckeyes in there and aside from a "Fuck Ohio" nothing was done to them. As it died down I saw that there was a lot of security spread throughout the group, I think just to keep everything under control rather than try to stop it

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On TV, there was a quick shot of a bunch of players getting up from a prone position--but it was too brief to see what they were doing before getting up.  What was that about?

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Following sophomore cornerback Courtney Avery's game-clinching interception and Michigan's final kneel down, the entire team rushed to midfield, gathered in a circle and participated in a routine they'd been practicing every week throughout the season.

"That's something we've done every Friday," Michigan senior center David Molk said. "Every Friday we have a short practice, and at the end of practice we do our (victory) formation, we take a knee, we all get together, (junior quarterback Denard Robinson) throws the ball up to the ceiling (of the Al Glick Fieldhouse) and once it hits, we all fall."

In the routine, the ball acted as "grenade," and when it hits the ground, the entire group collapsed to the turf.

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