You are Brady Hoke. What is your approach towards the team this week?

Submitted by MGoPAR on November 24th, 2013 at 2:44 PM

I like these "You are..." themed stories. What is Coach Hoke's approach towards the team this week? Here are some thoughts I had.

(1) You (the players) are defined at Michigan by what you do against Ohio State. BEAT OHIO.

(2) This is a chance to create a memory for yourselves (seniors) or for the seniors.

(3) This is our bowl game. (Obviously, any bowl oppoent will not be as good as Ohio State.)

(4) Light them up that they have underperformed and can salvage the season with a win here.

(5) Don't overstate the game's importance. Focus on the process of getting better each day.

(6) Other (explain)





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Hoke doesn't have an answer for OSU. He would need the Bucks to self immolate in order to win. Actually, Gardner would have to produce several long drives that result in TDs, which we haven't consistently accomplished all season. We would need at least three defensive turnovers with one resulting in a score and at least three "three and outs" in order to have a chance. On top of that, we would have to limit turnovers to one or less.

Now, what are the odds that happens considering we are going against a more talented and better prepared team. I'm realistically hoping we make them sweat and don't roll over in front of the home crowd.


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You have to play up the us vs. them/underdog theme. No one believes in you, except the team and the coaches, so let's prove them wrong. You need to rebuild confidence and get everyone to believe in the plan. You need to get each player to buy into playing their best game of the year. You need to play up the greatest upset/ending Urbz streak. It's a one game season that can wipe out a lot of bad stuff that has happened so far. I don't doubt he'll do these things because he understands how important this game is to everyone in the Michigan family. Also, this is his dream job and I would expect him to fight for it, wouldn't you?


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Brady walks into the locker room, "Young Men we are going to shake things up today".

Then he reaches into a paper bag and takes a big bite out of a Big Mac,  

"If I can eat before a game you can win. Oh, and remember it's all about the TEAM"


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Is there anyone on here who's actually going to the game? All you no shows and negativity is an insult to the seniors and team members who work their butts off and want a crazy hostile Michigan crowd for their biggest game. Are we becoming USC or Miami who only shows up to the games when their team is good? PSU and Nebraska have crazy crowds and they haven't been relevant in years.


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For Urban Meyer and the Ohio State team, never, NEVER take Blue for granted!  I was too young to remember '69 but '95 and '96 are still two very bitter memories.  Today's players certainly do not feel that sting but the coaching staff in Columbus must always instill respect for our rivals up north by teaching the lesson of those years.

Ohio State - Michigan will always be THE GAME in Buckeye Nation.  Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

BTW - Ohio State's John Cooper era of 2-10-1 (to you that's 10-2-1) was finally evened out last year.  Onward and upward.  Long live the greatest rivalry in sports.



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Blitz and blitz, then go watch the tape and watch the QB audible out of the play and have a hot WR sit back and catch quick slants etc. disgusting!!!


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But besides that, lay it all on the line (like they should every game.) Since we're going to get absolutely crushed we should at least play to salvage a shred of respect. Ohio should have absolutely no concern about facing us, so we should completely sell out and blitz the hell out of them, go uptempo, take shots downfield, and throw the kitchen sink at them.

Chances are we'll continue to focus on things that consistently don't work, and sadly our talisman from last year Devin will likely end up even more injured and beaten down than he already is.

Oscar Goldman

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from the 95/96 squads to talk to the team.  Similar situations for both teams (albeit we were better then).  Hope it provides a spark.  Also, talk to DG and tell him to just play ball - throw caution to the wind and have some fun again.  We are underdogs, embrace it.


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"Men, I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Dave Brandon has replaced Coach Borges."

Devin Gardner jumps up, raises both arms over his head, yells, "Yesss!" and gets on his knees and says, "Thank you God for saving my life." 

"I guess you didn't understand what I meant, Devin. I meant that Dave Brandon has made himself the new OC."

There is a stunned silence in the team meeting room. Devin crumples to the floor. After the sound of a few throats clearing, and crickets, Lewan says, "OK, Coach. What's the good news?"

"Gentlemen," Hoke begins, "I am thrilled to announce that Krispy Kreme has improved its glazed donut recipe!"