Yet another example of controversy and a Division I program

Submitted by Cdat33 on August 10th, 2017 at 11:49 AM
Allegations of assault that lead to title IX investigations should be taken seriously no matter what position you hold at a university. The university of Colorado so far has done a poor job in handling this situation involving a member of their coaching staff. Reading this article and some of the quotes from faculty is very upsetting. Essentially the head coach chancellor and president of the university knew about this and sat on it for over a month before slapping themselves on thr wrist. Seems winning trumps decency.…


Amaizing Blue

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Hard to read this and draw any conclusion other than the football coach getting preferential treatment because his program is winning.  There are always two sides, etc, but based solely on what's in this article, this is a really bad look for CU.  Seems there was another case a few years ago where a coach, AD, and university president covered something up for years in the name of winning football games.  The coach got a statue, I believe...where was that again? /s


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I like to remind myself that, honestly, these kinds of assaults and scandals are probably not any more common within these football programs than in "society at large." I then also remind myself that a lot of the people doing and/or covering-up for these crimes within CFB should absolutely, positively know better than the average person, and have much more at stake. And so it doesn't matter if it's more common, less common, or the same as the national average - these folks should simply know better. 


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I would think people at a public university should know better than society at large, and those involved in a D1 football program should know a hell of a lot better than them!

It's beyond me how people under scrutiny think that they can handle a situation like that...


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I don't really understand your logic - are there people out there who shouldn't "know better" than to perpetrate/cover up sexual assault? Also the rate is definitely higher, probably by a lot among college sport programs... not that it's the only place sexual assault happens.


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Are you absolutely sure that the rate of sexual assault among D1 athletes is higher than in the general population? I honestly don't know, but have never read anything saying so one way or another. And yes, people who are under TItle IX rules along with normal criminal rules and required to provide/attend classes, lectures, policies, guest speakers, etc., about the dangers of sexual assault to certainly should know better than Joe Schmoe. Why would that seem odd to you? 


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Title IX investigations have been heavily slanted against the accused since the reform. Schools were embarrassed by the report that stated they weren't doing enough to protect their students and it resulted in a huge scramble to get their numbers going in the other direction.

It's very unsettling to see that the rules change or don't even apply when sports are involved.


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Speaking about MacIntyre there was an ad about 4 or 5 paragraphs into the article saying Hallocinations & Delusions and thought that was fitting for the Colorado coach. The President of the University can't wag his finger either, he should be concidered just as culpable.


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I sometimes wonder about the sausage making of college football and whether that will be it's downfall. It really leaves a bad taste and I'm tired of being aligned with these hypocracies that show their ugly faces just enough to remind me, I tell everyone I love it by the cap I wear on my head representing my team.


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Hmmm. CU of all places should know better. They are not even 15 years removed from their previous scandal on similar issues. What are the people in charge thinking? 


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Colorado's Department of Philosophy had three people forced out in the past couple of years for sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior. Interesting that people there went on record with SI...