Yep, another gameday weather thread

Submitted by preed1 on September 1st, 2010 at 1:29 PM

Since I last checked "they" are calling for a hi of 66 and windy (according to




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What were the odds of THAT? 

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So, according to, we're looking at a new wrinkle in the gameday forecast: 


Not sure who this would favor; obviously, we wouldn't be able to throw the ball down field as effectively, but they also wouldn't be able to exploit our corners as easily.

And now we go back to Ollie Williams for an update on how scared we should be of the Huskies:


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UConn runs the ball a lot, and our QB's only throw short passes anyway. 

Anything to keep our DB's from having to face the dreaded "defend in space".


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Meteorologists are a joke. Four days ago it was supposed to be sunny and 80 at game time, three days ago it was supposed to be sunny and 75, two days ago partly cloudy and 72, yesterday it was 69, and today it's windy and 66 with rain today, Thursday, and Friday.

What are the odds that by Saturday they're predicting rain for the game?

Forecasting the weather is as useless as pre-season polls.


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well maybe depending on what qb they start and which formation they use for denard and if he can play corner, they will most likely mic the band which will drown out the RAWK music, causing discussion as to our w-l prediction for the year leading to RR's job status and the questionable relevance of random MSU fan,  thus will most likely throw  off uconns entire gameplan in preparation for the wind factor.