Year of the QB: "The Brady 6"

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[Edit: As first noted by M-Wolverine here,] ESPN is airing a new documentary on Tom Brady and the six quarterbacks selected ahead of him in the 2000 draft on Tuesday, 12 April at 8 pm ET.  The Year of the QB: "The Brady 6"

...refers to the six quarterbacks selected before Brady in 2000. So in addition to chronicling Brady's football journey from San Mateo, Calif., to the NFL's quarterback peak, the lives and careers of Chad Pennington (No. 18, Jets), Giovanni Carmazzi (65, 49ers), Chris Redman (75, Ravens), Tee Martin (163, Steelers), Marc Bulger (168, Saints) and Spergon Wynn (183, Browns) are also highlighted.

They could have even called it "The Brady 7," as the highly touted Drew Henson -- the quarterback Brady rotated with during parts of his senior year at Michigan -- is a big part of the story as well. [Aaron] Shea reflected on that up-and-down chapter of Brady's career and how Brady handled the competition with Henson with class, and said, "I think it's a big part of why he is who he is today."

From the Boston Herald article about the documentary:

The camera zooms in on the Patriots quarterback, who attempts to speak only nothing comes out. For 11 agonizing seconds, the vocal leader cannot say anything. Finally, Brady gathers himself and describes his 2000 draft day experience, a brutally painful snub that ended with him being selected 199th by the Patriots and forever gave him a feeling that he has to prove he belongs. He fights back tears to do it.

It was the most poignant moment of the insightful hour-long documentary... The goal was to explain how Brady was so badly misjudged during the draft, and it’s clear the reality of his plight still hits hard.

Must see TV moves to Tuesday night on ESPN.





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Im a Browns fan..and i cant help but laugh when someone says Spergon Wynn ... I know there was not alot of people who thought Brady would be WHAT HE IS.. i thought he had alot of potential but to be on almost everyones top 10 list at least.. was a pleasant surprise ... BUT C'MON MAN !!!  Spergon Wynn ???? FML

Whoever made the final call in the draft room on Wynn should be put on sports talk MUTE for life.


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had Brady as a 2nd/3rd rounder.  They didn't need a QB since they have Drew Bledsoe and took Brady in 6th round because they knew that the value of Brady was too good to pass up.  Wise choice by the Patriots.  The former QB coach(forget his name) who died years ago loved Brady and wanted the Pats to land Brady no matter what.


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The one person you've got to feel for more than anyone is Drew Bledsoe. The dude went from being the most popular man in Massachusettes and Robert Kraft's favorite player to an afterthought all in the span of about 5 minutes.

Hoken's Heroes

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Who woulda thunk that Brady, who got passed over so many times, would have ended up with the Super Bowl Ring, NFL MVP and the girl? I smell a hollywood movie in the making!


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But not necessary. I was just teasing. And actually amazed how it was posted on MGoBlog, but ESPN didn't have anything up on their OWN program, for like another week. I was going to post a reminder, with maybe some of the same links you used closer to Tuesday. So, no, I don't need any credit. It's so badly advertised, it's good to keep reminding people, because it sounds sweet.


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...OP, so credit where credit is due. I actually picked up on it from my Twitter feed this morning. Someone tweeted the link to the Boston Herald article and from there, I looked on for something and found the linked article from 7 April.  I imagine they know what they're doing when it comes to the timing of their promotional/programming tie-in stories.

Moral of the story is that everyone (everyone) should use the search function. If I had and found your thread, I still would have posted mine (because of the time difference), but I would have included the H/T in the first draft.

Board etiquette is important for all posters.


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Definitely going to watch.  I am curious to see the extent to which the other QBs were involved in the making of the documentary.  There had to be some hesitation on their part given that they must have known that they were only wanted by the producer since their careers were mostly busts. 


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Tom Brady's rise from #199 to superstar, MVP, 3x SB winner, most TD passes in a season and getting the girl (actually 2 of the hottest if you include Bridget) is right up there with the best stories of all time at the QB position...

another would be Kurt Warner's rise from grocery store bag boy to 2time MVP, 48TDs in a season and playing in 3 SBs, winning one. 

Just goes to show how difficult it is to accurately predict the QB position and how it will translate in to the NFL from college.